Massive holiday home on the Wild Atlantic Way which has its own private beach is up for sale - bathroom wash hand basins

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Massive holiday home on the Wild Atlantic Way which has its own private beach is up for sale  -  bathroom wash hand basins
A super-
German fitness experts have corrected his wimpy bank account through simple exercise.
First of all, he made some basic changes to his muscles.
Building tension device;
Next, he filed a patent for the new product and gave it a testosterone.
Finally, he launched a large-scale and effective advertising campaign for insecure and thin young people.
The bullfighter phenomenon was born.
In a very short period of time, the bank balance of its inventor, Gert kollebell, looks stronger than Mr Universe (
Arnold Schwarzenegger is a fan of bullfighting workers who have been convinced).
In the 1970 s and 1960 s, American teen comics and journals repeatedly broadcast illustrated advertisements for "Ocean monkeys (
Intelligent Human
Like aquatic animals that grow from powder when you add water)and 'X-Ray Specs' (
"Make sure you see through the clothes ")
Right next to these people, the story of the bullfighter was played: "How Joe was thin with the girls.
Rejected by the local muscular girl
On lunk, it takes only five minutes a day for the skinny Joe to crunch, pull, squeeze and stretch his magical tubular device.
As a result, he became a bigger super. pneumatic lunk.
Funny in the last frame-
Joe has a girl on one arm.
Convincing thing, it sold 10 million.
As many Germans did in the 1980 s, they took his bullfight trophy to Ireland to settle (
Bullworker Mackay)
Gert built a suitable robust beach house on the cliffs of the Coast Castle, located in a very beautiful place with velvet beach.
In addition to ousting a Bond villain, no local planner kicks sand in front of Gert's grand design
The style concept of the outdoor lift shaft takes him through the cliff to the beach below.
So Caisleanui (Little Castle)was born.
The original 2,000-square-foot house was built in the traditional farmhouse style and Stone was mined on site from the cliff side.
Later, in New York, Gert sold its 8-acre Caisleanui to a family in Dublin in search of an extraordinary holiday home.
In 2007, in order to further expand real estate, they visited architect Paul Curran.
A more modern extension that adds 60 pc accommodation and creates a Cliff
Top families we see today.
The nearest wing is merged and wound with the "old" House to blend the two.
Offers a unique curved front and a huge roof terrace to take advantage of the breathtaking views.
The renovated home covers an area of 3,860 square feet.
Both internally and externally, Curran is required to have the rounded surface and walls remove the edges from the original angle residence of Gert.
The original house is connected to the "new" wing through the internal department, which also allows the two to be separated again, for example, if the rental income or family --
The common stay became satisfactory.
Jett beach elevator plan failed (
Before the edge of the cliff was hit by a torpedo, he had built a concrete platform on the edge of the cliff)
In addition, a simple guardrail is added to provide the heartin-mouth cliff-
Dining experience.
From here, the owners observe minke whales, giant dolphin pods, basking sharks, and Irish fishermen, the most enduring species, who come to the area to harvest from lobster pots.
Perhaps the most favorable feature of the weather we have encountered recently is the vast sandy beach.
While no one in Ireland is allowed to own the beach, this particular waterfront is cut off by steep cliffs at both ends with only two entrances --
Walk through the steps of this private property or the seaside.
Once in a while, kayak lovers stop for sandwiches, but on top of that, the owner of Caisleanui will have this perfect beach.
Another interesting feature here is the composition of four caves, which extend to the cliffs of up to 40 feet.
They have Beach floors and are located outside the Tide Point, providing a comfortable sanctuary for the BBQ area of the private beach party.
To travel inside Caisleanui, start with the original house and enter an entrance hall through the front door, a utility and boot room.
A set of up and down stairs, the former leads to the open kitchen and family room, with tiled floors and custom walls and floor units.
The space has a family Aga and a central island unit.
There is access to the sun terrace.
Two bedrooms upstairs, three bathrooms in the bathroom
Sink and power shower with stairs leading to the attic room.
In the new expansion section, another entrance hall is laid with American cherry wood, including an arched doubleheight ceiling.
The ground floor is a restaurant and a modern kitchenette with built in
Units designed by Schmidt.
The hallway leads to the master bedroom to take full advantage of the Sea View with floorto-
Ceiling windows and a sliding door to the sun terrace and lawn.
Have built-in
Wardrobe and full tile attached bathroom with power shower.
There are also two bedrooms with access to the suite and terrace, with a total of five bedrooms.
On the first floor, in order to embrace the surrounding view, the living room is covered with cherry wood flooring again, facing the floor --to-
Ceiling glass with an exit to the sandstone marking deck.
There is also a 500 square foot detached garage and a 300 square foot basement shop.
After 12 years, enjoy the unique qualities that Dublin Caisleanui offers
The owner is empty now.
They found the house too big for them.
This week, they put the house on the market through Charles McCarthy, seeking a quote in the 1 euro area. 25m.
Price of Castlefreke, Rosscarbery, Co corkask: 1 euro.
Mcgenter: Charles McCarthy028)
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