marcon's mirabel at english bay takes prime position in the west end - how to fit a wall hung basin

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marcon\'s mirabel at english bay takes prime position in the west end  -  how to fit a wall hung basin
Marcon Developments has made livability a priority for its new residential project, focusing on this topic in Mirabel, Bay, UKby-side 18-and 19-
Multi-storey buildings in West Vancouver, one of Vancouver's most central and characteristic buildings --
Full of community.
Nic Paolella, development director at Marcon, said that the two concrete high-rise buildings on David Street were designed to accommodate the existing atmosphere in the area, and that local residents liked the beach close to the English Bay, the unique elements of the local park are like-Maze-
Public art installations in Morton Park, as well as the convenience of shops and restaurants in the business district.
Name of development-Mirabel—
It is recognition of the heritage of the region.
"We walked around and noticed that many buildings in 1970s and 1950 had personified names.
They seem to convey an approachable and friendly character that reflects the situation nearby.
The name Mirabelle sounds true in the context of this community, "said Paolella.
Located in the prime section of the West End, on the top of the hill leading to the Bay of England, Henricks Partner Architect Richard Henricks pays special attention to the site selection of the building to deal with the slopes, at the same time maximize the dramatic view of the west and south.
Henriks also found architectural inspiration in the typical architectural elements of the West End.
"We explain the features of the area through a modern perspective to create buildings that are both modern and respectful of the West End architectural heritage," he added . ".
Like many other buildings in the area, Mirabelle will step back from the front of the street and create space for gardens, shrubs and trees to sift through hidden residential entrances.
Different 24-by 8-
The walk-through balcony offers some advantages over the visual interest they have added to the facade.
This amazing effect will provide residents with better privacy, separate the outdoor living space for each family, and they are still playing a role in blocking the structure to keep the building envelope cool.
The low threshold and sliding doors provide easy access to the balcony, seamlessly connecting the indoor and outdoor spaces.
A total of 149 units in the two buildings; 36 studio/one-bedroom/one-
Bedroom and study, 105 2-
Three bedrooms and eight.
Bedroom Plus 68 social housing units owned by downtown Vancouver.
Alda Pereira, head of Alda Pereira Design, said buyers can choose from two palettes of beach and city.
The suite at the sales center features white beach options
Hardwood floors and fine white wood furniture in oak design.
The city's plan is based on what Pereira calls a light gray tan.
With the exception of the bathroom, oak floors are used throughout the room, which helps the unit feel spacious, Pereira said. In the two-
The study room is a multi-function room and a good place to watch TV.
"The living room is more of an entertainment room with a view of the British Bay --
"It's actually more of a space for leisure, relaxation or entertainment than a TV," she added . ".
Pereira said the developed kitchen was very prominent.
"The kitchen is well organized and there is plenty of storage in the drawers and cabinets.
They have connections with all the organizers, so there are places to put plates, cans and plates, "she said.
Table Top, including three-by nine-
The island at the foot is a lamp
Colored Caesar Stone quartz is honed when Kalala marble hexagon
Pereira said the shape tile on the tailgate was inspired by the original building of this shape built along the nearby Beach Boulevard in the 1960 s.
Although residents of Mirabelle are expected to dine regularly at many restaurants in the West End, the kitchen includes high
Terminal devices like Sub
Zero refrigerator and freezer, Wolf stove top and Mantel and Bosch dishwasher.
However, Pereira says the black accent, such as the faucet in the kitchen and bathroom, the steel in the study and the frame of the glass door, adds a modern touch to the space.
"The door slides so you can open the study area to other rooms or close it and enjoy it as a private space," she added . ".
The doors that can be seen in the show suite are two larger-
Only bedroom units.
In the main suite, use hexagonal Carrara marble tiles on the countertop line, while 12-by 24-
The walls and floors are covered with one-inch tiles.
Clean Line of matte black Odin faucet-
Brizo's ware fixtures contributed to the elegance of the suite, which also includes a wall
Duravit and free toilet
Separate bathtubs in Victoria and Albert.
With double sinks on the top of the Kalala slate, the concealed lighting Behind the Mirror adds a stylish touch.
The black corner structure of the glass shower room continues the theme of the black accent, emphasizing the design of the unit.
Use the indoor and outdoor comfort spaces above the podium, and
Gym and play area for children.
Paolella said the construction of Mirabel in the Bay of England is scheduled to start in late 2017 or early 2018.
1345 David Street near Vancouver 18-and 19-
Floor Building (149 homes)
Studio apartmentbedrooms (
405 to 915 square feet), two-bedrooms (
756 to 1,336 square feet)
Three bedrooms (
2,132 to 2,659 square feet)One-
$615,900 bedroom home, two-
$910,900 bedroom home, three-
Bedroom house for $5.
Henriquez Partners architect Alda Pereira design concrete 2-2500 million5-
1283 Davy Street, Vancouver, 10 604-681-
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