man builds himself a tiny house so he can live rent-free - storage under wall mounted sink

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man builds himself a tiny house so he can live rent-free  -  storage under wall mounted sink
In a world where rents soar and you get your mortgage, it seems like a daydream to many people, and some are turning to quirky alternatives.
For example, the small house movement is a social movement where people choose to narrow down the space they live in and choose a portable cabin of 100-400 square feet.
The house is cheaper and greener to run
Friendly than your average house, which attracts American college student Bradley to live in a house-not only did he decide to live in a small house, but he chose to build it.
Bradley of Bradley jacksonville, Florida has lived in his trailer home 27 feet long and 8 feet wide for four months, and it took him a year and a half to build it.
Bradley explained in an episode: "It started with more economics than anything-I went to pay a year's rent from high school, realize it's not my show for the little family.
"So I went home and saved some money to pay all the money and build it.
"My family thought it would never happen until I brought a 27 feet flat bed trailer home, and then they started asking more questions and understood it was what I really wanted to do
'Bradley's called his home his dorm, a pun on the fact that his home is on the wheel, and also because Bradley is saving money (
Quarter is 25 cents in the US).
Even though it was in the center of the city, he parked it by the creek, so there was a feeling of secluded wilderness, which was great, because it saved him a lot of money on blinds-there were a lot of windows in the cabin that would allow the light to come in.
His home has a seating area, kitchen and bathroom, as well as a separate study desk area and a bedroom loft with a double bed that can be accessed by ladder.
Bradley has a small wardrobe behind the curtain, but he says that if someone moves in, the desk area is a potential wardrobe space for the future.
There is a storage room under the sofa area, and he has a breakfast bar facing the woods in the kitchen area.
There is a 10 cubic foot fridge in the kitchen, which he lifts up with a mini convection oven and additional storage space underneath.
His TV screen is removable, so he can rotate it to fit his position on the couch and push it to the wall when not in use.
Bradley loves to cook, so make sure he has a big sink, plenty of room in the kitchen to be creative, and the cottage also has a 5 feet porch so he can sit outside, look at the world.
"The Porch makes it feel more intimate," Bradley said . " He also added branches and greenery to the house to make it feel more like a country cottage.
The bathroom of the cottage is behind the curtains, including a head compost toilet for nature and a shower.
"Three months later, I don't have any complaints," Bradley said . "
It's a bit strange to get used to this, and it's also a bit strange to tell your friends how to use it, but other than that, it doesn't have any problems. ’The eco-
The friendly toilet is a dry, flush-
There are fewer toilets separating liquids from solids (
This is obviously the reason for not smelling)
-The liquid must be emptied every day, and the solid is emptied once a week depending on how much you go.
He finally got a lot of material from Craigslist (
Classified websites like Gumtree)
Like trailers and windows, the rest were purchased from the Home Depot DIY store.
Luckily, he found the shower on the side of the road.
So, how much does this House cost to make $15,246? 82 (£10,706. 53)
Bradley, who is studying accounting, said.
I keep all the receipts.
"Every time I drive to my house at night, I have a smile on my face because that's what I built," Bradley said . ".
"It taught me that I could do more than I thought.
Before doing electrical, I thought I might outsource this part, but after doing some research and getting my hands dirty, the process seems a lot simpler.
"I thought I couldn't do it at first, but with enough work I found I could.
However, Bradley wants everyone to know that his life is not idyllic.
As early as September, his home was affected by the flash floods.
He only moved into his residence a few weeks ago, so he didn't want to move the cottage because he didn't think the flood would be that serious.
However, his home suffered a lot of water damage and he ended up having to tear down the floor, take everything out and remove the insulation-all when he was in college, he admitted it was difficult.
Now, however, everything is back to normal and you can browse Bradley's home in the YouTube video below or check out his rolling dorm.
You can rent £ 71 a night if you want to take a closer look (for one person)
Or 78 per night. for two people).
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