making the most of a small space - sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-09
making the most of a small space  -  sink attached to wall
The kitchenette can bring many challenges for those who like to cook at home, even simple tasks like making a bowl of grain can feel claustrophobic in a tight space.
A small kitchen may feel that it is impossible to organize, not to mention a space conducive to efficiency and culinary exploration.
When it comes to small kitchens, if you can't choose a large-scale decoration, the focus should be on the best use of order and space.
If all the potential storage and surface area of a small kitchen is fully utilized, it may become a gospel, not a burden.
The following tips will allow a lot of cooking and baking, whether it's heating a can of soup or making eightcourse meal.
The first step is often the most difficult;
Even if the day has been waiting for 15 years, it is difficult to put down all the kitchen tools and appliances that will be used "one day.
Take out all items from their storage space and think about how much they have used in the past year;
Anything that has not been used and works well can be donated to charity.
Waffle maker, ice cream maker, espresso maker and juicer may seem like a good idea when they are initially purchased or received, but if they are not used, if they only take up space, it makes no sense to keep them.
Rethinking pantryPantries does not have to be connected to the kitchen, and they certainly do not have to be used exclusively as a pantry.
Empty or near
The empty wardrobe provides excellent storage space for dry goods;
Even if there are some unused shelves in the linen closet, it will clean up the valuable cabinet space in the kitchenette.
Play Creative, think outside the box, there is no reason to put 15 cans of ketchup in the kitchen at a time.
Maximizing the use of cabinet space simple cabinet shelves can double the storage space for dishes and food, and can be found in most kitchens and organization stores.
Place the stacked plates below, place the bowl on it, or show the two-story glassware neatly instead of squeezing everything into a messy row.
Small hooks can also be installed at the bottom of the cabinet shelf, providing ample space for mugs and measuring cups.
Store the food in the bin Sa's matching storage box so that it can be perfectly stacked together to make the kitchen look orderly. Close and hide all loose bags and parcels that easily look scattered, no matter how many attempts have been made to keep everything looking neat and tidy.
Label manufacturer or masking tape will help to disclose the contents of the storage box and help to prevent excessive use
Buy some dry goods.
Even in the largest kitchen, the pots and pans that hang up those Potsdam seem casual, not only looking messy, but also taking up a lot of valuable space.
Hang a bar from the kitchen ceiling and attach several hooks to hang the cooker;
Pots, pans and cookware all benefit from this method of storage.
The lid can be stored on the wall with small sticks
Hang on the hook or place it in the cabinet with a lid holder.
The cutting board cut in the kitchenette is used in any area cut on the cutting board using the precious surface space in the kitchenette.
The cutting board for the sink is ideal for leaving extra space, pulling
Once used, take out the cutting board that is neatly put back into the Cabinet or Cabinet.
When the surface space is insufficient, it would be helpful to make friends with magnetic stripe mounted on the wall.
Kitchen knives remain sharp when glued to magnetic strips and remove bulky wooden knife blocks from the countertop.
Try other kitchen supplies such as measuring spoons and other utensils to see how much space can be saved by moving them to the wall.
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