macintosh's grand plan includes unique aspects - mini bathroom sinks perfect for small bathrooms

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-14
macintosh\'s grand plan includes unique aspects  -  mini bathroom sinks perfect for small bathrooms
Buying a new home shouldn't be a character.
Building practice, but it is worth it if the house shows some personality.
An unexpected angle on the ceiling of the bedroom, a built-in-
Put the recipe on the shelf at the end of the counter, a wine room with a shelf Wall, a covered main entrance with an arch, or a few steps to the transition space between the rooms.
These are some details that, when added to the magnificent range of the spacious space, vaulted ceilings and window walls of the home, avi helps the family to make a MacIntosh plan, a warm and charming home.
Located in the Southeast community of Mahogany developed by Mahogany ewell residence, MacIntosh is one of the two new performance venues in the lakeside manor parade.
The houses overlook the lake and have a walking path behind the property by the water.
MacIntosh show home is a 3,145-square-foot, two-
Storey's house with a well-developed Walk-out basement.
It has four bedrooms, three and a half bathrooms and a triple room. car garage.
Whether entering the home from the garage or the front door, there is plenty of storage for coats and outdoor gear.
The usual path to the home will pass through the storage room through the spacious mud room into the kitchen
Perfect for future dates.
School snacks along the way.
The kitchen is secured by a large island surrounded by cabinets and appliances.
From the island, you can see the view of the big room and the corner of the restaurant, and from the wall of the window and glass door, you can see the view of the lake.
Also on the main floor, tucked on the side of the kitchen and in the center of the House, is the pocket door to the flexible room, 10 feet by 11 feet by 8 inch, it can be used for various purposes as an office, a craft room or other idea.
Upstairs, three secondary bedrooms were found along the main corridor along the spine of the home.
Each is spacious with two sizes of 10 feet by 12 feet and the third size of 13 feet by 12 feet by 6 inch.
They share a bathroom with two sinks and a pocket door that separates the vanity from the bathroom and bathtub.
At the end of the hall is the bonus room, which sinks by a few steps, and the sloping ceiling is higher.
It has a built-in wet bar near the entrance to the room, perfect for holding a family movie night.
The master bedroom is the place where the owner rests.
The high arched ceiling gives the bedroom a sublime feeling.
Bathroom with separate bathtub and glass bathtub
Wall shower and double sink in a large vanity.
The closet is really a locker room with built in
Along the entrance of the walls and central drawers.
This room flows out through the laundry room to facilitate this housework and also to prepare people with inconsistent schedules to work without disturbing their partner.
The lower level of this show home is developed and provides space for bedrooms, full bathrooms and a large lounge with large wet bar.
The bar is equipped with a full refrigerator and ample counter space, located next to the covered deck and conveniently located with a large outdoor kitchen for easy hosting tasks between the two locations.
Builder: avicity: anyanydeveloper: Hopewell Residential Price: MacIntosh floor plan starts at $920,000 with taxes on house, lot and goods and services.
The cost of the show is $1.
235 million Location: 130 Mahogany Bay. E.
Time: show home is open from 2 to 8 from Monday to Thursday. m.
, Weekends and holidays from noon to 5. m.
Source: homesbyavi.
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