Luxury living at the Bhagnani residence - table top wash basin cabinet

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-26
Luxury living at the Bhagnani residence  -  table top wash basin cabinet
Bungnani House in Bandra is hi-
Technology and contemporary. Builder-turned-
Bollywood producer Vashu Bhagnani and his wife Pinky and their children, actor Jackky and boutique owner Honey currently live in a 6,000 square foot house in Bandra Pali Hill
In fact, they own the entire 13-story building and will soon enter the top four floors, which will bring their total living area to 18,000 square feet!
This is what we call the embodiment of luxury.
Right in the heart of Mumbai.
The huge living room features a modern velvet deer sofa with simple lines.
Jackky said: "I like the contemporary style of my interior design.
In a dedicated space, there is only one artwork that works best for me.
Italian marble flooring, 8-
Seating white Italian leather dining chair and glass table top with plenty of velvet and diamonds and feather cushions to make the living room look luxurious.
A picture on the sofa was a gift from Jaya Bachchan as their previous house warmed up.
Vasu vowed that their entire house was built on scientific principles.
The home is very hi-
Technical, polite Jackky. he likes gadgets completely.
The whole house is connected by fully automatic touch screen panel.
So channels, washbasin taps, etc. all work on motion sensors!
Pinky has feelings for a pair of silver-colored Laxmi feet, and it's beautiful to sit on a solid wooden center table in Delhi.
There is also an eye on the table --
Silver tea light holder from their many trips to Dubai.
Jackky's own private gym and personal trainer let him practice religiously every day.
Because his bedroom is working-in-
Progressive mode, his mom clearly told him not to buy anything again until he moved into his big bedroom.
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