laundry room cabinets. diy. - wall mounted sink with storage

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-22
laundry room cabinets. diy.  -  wall mounted sink with storage
The laundry room is usually equipped with a wire rack.
Throw it away and fill the blanks with cabinets that love storage.
Easier than you think.
These cabinets are built from walls to walls, so you can use every inch of space.
I think it cost me about $200. 00 total (
Band not includedaids. See last step).
I also put a shelf above the appliance and a hanger under the cabinet.
Remember what you want to put in the cupboard in the laundry room.
We put everything in my house.
This includes board games, swimming gear and blankets on the park's grass.
Of course, there are other household items such as cleaning supplies and light bulbs.
I got my cabinet deep.
You will find that I bought plywood for the floor.
It's ugly, but it's only $15 each.
The price of beautiful plywood can reach $50 per piece.
Don't worry you won't see it after it's done.
You can also cut the sheets where you buy them.
At this point I tear a 2x4 into 1 "bar.
These strips will be the main support for the cabinets.
After you decide how many shelves you want, you have to find the DingTalk on the wall.
My favorite way is to use nd magnets.
Track the magnet on the wall and search for the head of the screw.
You know you found a bolt when the magnet bar (
Because the screws are in the DingTalk).
Screw in one belt with one screw and make sure it is horizontal.
Once horizontal, add the screws to other Bolt points.
Not all walls are square.
As you can see in the second photo, when I put my square in the corner, I have a gap of about 1/4 in front of the right.
Good on the left.
When I mark the cut line, all I do is add more on the front edge. It fit great.
Now that all the racks are installed, it's time to cover the compressed wooden head.
The tape shelf liner is used here.
You can buy this roll in your home improvement shop.
I like to start this section at one end and then take out the adhesive to protect the paper from below.
When the paper is taken out, the pad is glued to the shelf.
This keeps the liner flat and prevents unwanted bubbles.
As my opening was too large, I ended up making face racks with 5 pieces of wood.
There are 4 on each side and 1 in the middle.
I like to fix the joints together with pocket screws.
When the frame is in place, I just have to nail it to the edge of the shelf.
It's good because I'm going to paint it.
If you want to stain the cabinet, screw the face frame into the shelf with your pocket.
Cover the gap around the edge with a mold.
I made it myself with a router.
Cut a crown shape for the top.
This is just a way to make a cabinet door.
I used the same pocket method.
The only difference is that I cut the slots on each piece of wood so I can slide on the panel.
I used the wall panel to make the door look beautiful.
To help hang the door, I cut a piece of 1 "wood for the spacer and put it on the lower mold.
When I twist the door, the door sits on the spacers.
Finally I installed the handle.
Everything was lined up and I took it apart and painted it again.
Before the paint, the seams of all the walls were filled.
I added a shelf above the appliance and added a place to store hangers under the cabinet.
It's really helpful, especially when folding clothes.
Now, don't be stupid.
I made another set of cabinets for my bathroom (
View them in the fourth photo! ).
These cabinets don't need to be that deep. So. . . .
I took a 8 feet long piece of leftover wood and saw it through my desk.
I was cutting it off the side.
As this piece is too long, it starts to get heavy on the outlet side as I go through the saw.
I put more pressure on the wood so it still touches the blade.
When the last point was cut off, when my left hand slid down from the ground, 1 "The rest fell to the ground.
The tip of my finger hit the blade.
You can see the damage.
That's the flap of the skin pushing back.
I should have had a second support with a thrust stick.
The skin on my finger has healed, but there is still an empty place on my fingertip pad.
Remember to be safe, you don't have to increase the cost of the band --
Assist, alcohol, hydrogen peroxide and new spores for this project.
Thanks for reading.
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