last day of ‘rubber rooms’ for teachers - suspended bathroom sink

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last day of ‘rubber rooms’ for teachers  -  suspended bathroom sink
Jennifer Medina Juni, 2010, said hugging goodbye and exchanging phone numbers would almost certainly violate the promise of keeping in touch.
The last time they packed up and left room 619, if not for a few years, it was their home during the day for a few months.
Monday is the last day of school for 1 million students in the city.
But the "rubber room" on West 125 Street is also the end of an era.
Over the past few years, teachers accused of incompetence or misconduct have been forced into rubber classrooms, officially called temporary transfer centres, when they wait for the Ministry of Education or hearing officials to decide their fate, they will be paid in full but will not work.
But on April, it was embarrassing for everyone that city officials and teachers' unions agreed to cancel the rooms.
Starting in the fall, if these teachers are deemed to pose a threat to the students, they will perform administrative duties or be sent home.
As a result, Monday is the last day of approximately 700 teachers and managers distributed in seven redistributed centres, they were sent there after being accused of committing crimes as serious as persistent lateness and sexual harassment of students.
No rubber on the advertising wall-
The name comes from the concept that after spending day after day in a windowless room like 125 Street, it's hard not to go crazy.
In fact, there is almost nothing on the wall.
Earlier this year, some teachers tried to enliven the place with a poster drawn by Mattis and paintings by some sentenced amateur artists.
But construction officials asked them to tear them down, saying they could damage the walls.
On Monday, the rest was just a calendar for the Chinese laundry, along with several bulletin boards that read the teachers' union's newsletter and a newspaper cut on teachers' salaries.
Sticking to a board is a stern warning: "Protect yourself when the investigator approaches --
Don't answer any questions.
"All nine teachers who spent their last day in the room refused to use their full name, saying they were concerned about the administrator's retaliation.
"They wanted me to say I was guilty right away," Carlos said . " He was reluctant to say what he was accused.
"They asked me to leave right away and didn't even go upstairs to get my stuff --
Like I'm some sort of criminal.
He said that since coming to the rubber room in April, he has done his best to learn how to weave and teach a colleague, mcalame. (
She had her last lesson on Monday and almost finished a bracelet. )
Follow the rules.
The teacher must show up at 8 in the morning. m.
But the security guard must escort them to the room.
They must stay till 2: 50. m.
Although they were allowed to rest and have lunch, they could not use the lunch room below the lobby.
They have to use the bathroom sink if they want to wash the dishes.
There is a bottle of yellow soap on the fridge for anyone who needs it.
Advertising has inevitably clashed in such a near time.
This year, a teacher called the police one after another.
The food was packed into the trash and almost hit her with garbage.
Another longtime resident angered some with his constant guitar playing.
The two teachers twisted up to see if they could share half.
There are more than a dozen tables in the room.
"There's something in this place that everyone wants to blame each other," Wendy said . " Wendy said she is still waiting for formal charges against her.
So the last day means a mix of relief and nostalgia.
No teacher knows where they will be assigned next year, but some teachers think it will be a step forward.
"We are almost a microcosm of the useless here," said a woman . ".
When a guitar player plays in several subsections of "Make it a reality", a woman starts punching in for the last time.
"You sound like a sick cat . "
He continued without hesitation.
"Okay, it's time --
It was so charming, "she shouted as she walked out of the door.
The guitar player shouted specifically at no one: "Always rejected once rejected.
"A version of this article was printed on page A24 of The New York edition on June 29, 2010, with the title: suspension teachers will no longer face strange dilemmas.
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