kitchen hacks - everything above the kitchen sink - wall hung kitchen sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
kitchen hacks - everything above the kitchen sink  -  wall hung kitchen sink
My husband and I recently moved into a new house.
While we love most of the features of the house, I happen to dislike how many counters and storage spaces are in the kitchen.
We have two small counters on both sides of the sink, and several short and shallow shelves on both sides of the empty corner above the sink.
We do have cabinets. I'm too short to reach!
I have occupied most of the available counter space and cabinet space with most of our food, dishes, etc.
However, there is no place to hang a plate towel, and there is no place to place a sponge and a rag where it will not turn sour.
I think the big empty corner above the sink would be the best place to store these things.
They get in the way, but are easily accessible when cleaning up the kitchen, allowing something damp to drip into the sink instead of dripping into the floor or counter.
What hammer and nail do you need (
Hopefully you have some around the house and you'll be surprised at what you can do with them. )
Small adjustable curtain rod, about $2-
Wal-Mart, Home Depot, or big supermarkets cost $5. (
Note: you will want to measure your corner and know what size to get)
Shower caddies around $1
Dollar Tree $3, Dollar General, Earth section, or the last Wal-Mart I stopped at the local dollar tree, I stumbled upon a wire shower caddie, I realize how perfect it is to store the sponges in the kitchen so that they can dry with constant acid.
I bought it and tried it over the sink
It's been working for us all the time!
You don't need to invest in a heavy shower caddie, just buy a cheap wire caddie from your local dollar store or cheap store to do this well.
Just use your handy hammer and nail, center it and hang your caddie because when we wash the dishes, we have a great place to hang the sponges and wash when we dry the wipes and towels we need a place to hang them.
I bought an adjustable silver curtain rod for a window at home, but later found it a bit big.
However, it is the perfect size to turn into our kitchen towel rack!
Simply adjust the bar according to the instructions on the package (
Usually rotate to lengthen or shorten the bar)
Fix on the wall where you want.
Make sure it's level and try to give it some extra rotation
It will give more power to your temporary towel rod.
Note: This is not as safe as the installed towel rack, be sure not to enlarge the weight on it or hang objects other than towels or rags on it.
However, my rack can hold up to 5 heavy-duty units-
Kitchen towels.
Now, when I clean the kitchen, I have stored everything on it, but how about all that I need when I cook?
That is to say, I have oven gloves.
I really don't have a place to store it.
Until now, gloves are one of the things that usually carry their own hangers.
When I found out that anything was made to make it easy to hang on the wall, which saved too much space, I'm excited now!
This cool trick can also be done with trivets with hanging holes, pot holders and kitchen utensils.
Just knock another nail on the wall, andvoila!
Your oven gloves are out of date now and are easily accessible!
Now, when you wash the dishes, you have to have a place for them to dry. (
Unless you can wash and dry at the same time, you and your dishwashing partner will do strange cleaning --
Drying synchronized. )
This usually requires a slightly bulky thing, called a terrible dish-arranging device. It's bulky.
It took a lot of time to sit on the counter empty and took up valuable space where I could use it to make muffins or other baked goods similar to delicious.
So, with a lot of today's dishwashers, you'll find a few nails on the wall that you can easily hang up to save space. (
Again, this is great for the sink in case there is a little bit of damp or dribble that needs to be drained. )
About 4-concentrate your nails carefully
Separate 6 inch so your drain will hang straight.
I recommend using a level for this.
I hate having dishes all over the microwave.
I also hate half the time because I was too lazy to dig the lid out of the drawer so I did a lot. Solution?
Hang the lid on the wall next to the microwave oven and easily arrive (
A great reminder for my husband! )
This is another simple nail. in-the-
Wall solution.
Just hit the nail at the place closest to the center of the wall-
It's convenient to hang on it.
Most of the basic oven covers hang well on a nail.
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