Kitchen god - wall mount sink with counter

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Kitchen god  -  wall mount sink with counter
What was unpleasant in love in 1973 was that I graduated from high school one year in advance so that I could chase my goal of going to WASA College ---
The less words about that part of my life, the better, believe me.
I just want to say that by the age of 18, I am already a young man with no discipline at all, whether it is a smooth failure or graduation from college (
I'm too lazy to attend class).
I am very angry with myself and others.
In essence, I regard the world as my ashtray.
I was drinking, smoking, curating for the most part of my waking hours, and doing my best to entertain, anger, impress and infiltrate anyone stupid enough to entertain me. I was --to be frank --
A spoiled, miserable, narcissistic, self.
Destructive and rash young man in need of a good asskicking.
Some of my friends and I attended a summer sharing event in provinstown, Cape Cod.
This is what my friends are doing and it is enough for me.
Plow is (and is)
Basically a small Portuguese fishing village that has been fishing
The hook tip of the Cape.
However, it turned into Times Square/Christopher Street in the summer months --by-the-Sea.
Remember, it's in your 70 s, so when you imagine the image of a once quaint New England port town, visitors, day trips, hippies, drifters, slutty chicks from Key West, dop people, refugees, and thousands of energetic gay cruising.
For a rootless young man with a sexual tendency, this is a perfect holiday.
Unfortunately, I need money. My on-again-off-
My girlfriend makes pizza again. My room-
Partners, in P-
Before, there was work waiting for them in town.
They cook, wash dishes, wait for the table-
Usually in the evening-
So we go to the beach and the pond every morning, smoke marijuana, smell a little coke, drop the acid, sunbathe naked, and indulge in other healthy teen activities.
Tired of my consumption of family finances, a troubled and practical room --
Mate arranged a dishwashing show for me at the restaurant where she waited for the table. Dishwashers (
Sudbusters, also known as Pearl Divers)
It was the shortest breed in the seasonal restaurant business, so when a fool didn't go to work for two days, I went in.
This is my introduction to life. -
I was not happy at first.
Scrub the pan bowl pans basin, scrape the plate, Peel the potato mountain, tear off the moustache on the green mouth, pick scallops and clean the shrimp, it doesn't sound or look attractive to me.
But it was from these humble beginnings that I started my strange climb to chefdom.
The job of being a dishwasher on the fearless basically pushed me to the road I was still on today.
Fearless is--
Well, you have eaten there, or in a similar place: a large, old, crumbling pile of driftwood built on the water of the ancient wooden tower.
The weather is bad and the waves roll under the restaurant
The floor of the room slammed into the wall by the sea.
Classic Olde New England/Rusty Scupper/Aye Matey/capn what are the gray wooden tiles, bay windows and interior decorations: hanging fishing nets, Hurricane lights, floats,a-
Brac, a bar made of half a life boat.
Call it early driftwood.
We ordered fried clams, fried shrimp, fried flounder fish, fried scallops, French fries, steamed lobster, roasted steak, and every week between July 4 and Labor Day, ribs and fillets poured into the town's tourists.
I was surprisingly happy at work.
Fearless level management is an old, retired and alcoholic person who maintains a fascinating and cheerful character, offers drinks to the kitchen for free and has their bounty.
The chefs ruled.
There's a chef named Bobby. toasted, late-thirtyish ex-
Hippie, like many people in P.
I came here for a holiday a few years ago and stayed here.
He lived there for a year.
Roof, carpentry and house in summer --
Sitting at restseason.
Half of Lydia.
Crazy, divorced a teenage daughter.
Lydia made clam chowder, which made us a bit famous, and she took out vegetables and side dishes during the service.
She drank a lot.
There's Tommy, fried chef, a forever moving surfer with electric blue eyes, even if there's nothing to do, swing back and forth like an elephant to "keep the momentum ".
"There's Mike, a former. con and part-
Time-based drug dealers who have worked in salad
They are like God in the kitchen.
They are dressed like pirates: a chef's coat cut off their arms, blue jeans, worn-out faded headscarf, Gore
Covered apron, gold hoop earrings, wrist cuffs, turquoise necklaces and chocolate, graffiti and ivory rings, tattoos--
All long decorative crumbs
Summer of Love has passed
Their style and moves seem to be not afraid of anything.
They drank everything in front of them, stole anything that was not nailed down, and, as I have never seen or imagined, shuttled through the floor staff, bar customers, and leisure visitors.
They carry big, bad ones.
Butt knives, they are constantly honed and sharpened to the edge of the razor.
They casually and accurately threw the dirty wok and pot in the kitchen and my sink.
They speak their own dialect, an incredibly profane anti-cultural term and local Portuguese slang, with irony, such as calling each other, "Paaahd" of "partner" or "darling" of "Darling ".
"They ransacked the place for everything worth it, keeping a lot ahead of schedule for the off-season monthsseason.
A few nights a week, the chef will drive his VW van to the door of the kitchen, filling the whole bar of cattle loin, a box of frozen shrimp, a few boxes of beer, and entering the bacon side of the cargo area.
Speed Rack for each station--
Bottles containing cooking wine, oil, etc.
In service during you can convenient to access-
Each chef has at least two high-ball glasses;
Lydia likes to call them "summer coolers", usually strong cape cod, sea breeze or Greyhound.
Smoke on the sidewalk downstairs
Cocaine. -
Always available, though very expensive in those days, still considered a drug for the rich ---was everywhere.
On payday, everyone in the kitchen handed money back and forth in the Byzantine court-style delay deal as the chefs settled the drug debt, loans and bets of the previous week.
I saw a lot of bad behavior in the first year of P-town.
I was impressed.
Compared to my poor University hijinks, these guys are the main criminals, sex athletes.
Pirates, pirates, cut
For me, they are like young princes, still just a humble dishwasher.
The life of the chef is the life of adventure, robbery, plunder and rockand-
Ignore all traditional morals without worry and roll in life.
For me, it looks very good on the other side of this line.
But if there was a moment when I saw clearly what I wanted, it was at the end of that summer.
I have made some progress so far.
Mike went missing on the meth and I was promoted to the salad stand, tasting shrimp cocktails, cracking oysters and cherry clams, mixing canned lobster meat with mayonnaise and filling the champagne cup with strawberries and whipped cream.
The fearless line is a long and narrow line: a cold station at the gate of the exit of the parking lot, a double Station
Decker lobster steamer. we'll kill it. and-a-half and 2-
A dozen people piled them up, like wood, and then slammed the heavy metal door, turned the wheels, and gave them steam.
And then a deep row.
Fryer, a mountain, a big wreath
In addition to the broiler, there are several stoves, and finally a brick stove for a charcoal barbecue, all adjacent to the usual pass
Through the other side-
Wooden cutting board/counter with recessed steam table, below it, lowboy reach-
Refrigerator for reserve supplies. By the far-
The place where chef Bobby works is a Dutch door and the upper half remains open so that new visitors can see some lobster or Steak BBQ while entering and feel in the mood.
One working day, a big wedding just started and the bride, groom, Usher, family and friends attended the wedding. Married up-
Cape, happy couple and party came to P-
Probably after a reception, a celebration dinner was held in the town.
They were very high when they arrived.
From the salad station at the other end of the line, I saw Bobby having a brief mud exchange with some guests.
I particularly noticed the bride, who at one point leaned over to the kitchen and asked if any of us had "eaten ".
"I almost forgot them when the party entered the restaurant.
We had a quick meal, Lydia amused us with her usual beats, Tommy made clams and shrimp into hot grease, which is common in busy kitchens
Then the bride appeared in front of the Open Dutch gate.
She's a blonde.
Looking at her pure wedding White, she talked closely with the chef for a few seconds;
Bobby suddenly smiled one ear by one, and the Crow who was sunburned by The Sun --
The feet of his eyes became more and more obvious.
She left again after a while, but Bobby suddenly said, "Tony!
Pay attention to my station, "and rush out the back door quickly.
This is usually a major event in itself.
Allowed to work at busy broiler stations, at the helm--
Even a few minutes. -
Dreams come true.
But curiosity makes it better for the people we stay in the kitchen. We had to look.
There's a fence-
Just outside the window next to the dishwasher, the garbage fence hides the accumulated garbage and edible garbage cans. The restaurant was sold to a pig farm --
Looking from the car in the parking lot, the Cape of Good Hope.
Soon, all of us. -
Tommy, Lydia, the new dishwasher and me. -
Looking out through the window, in the view of his assembled crew, Bobby followed loudly --
End the bride's wedding
She's in a 55-
Her dress climbed up her hips.
Bobby's apron got up, and as he drew angrily, she rested on her back, and the eyes of the young woman rolled into her head, whispering in her mouth:". . good . . . good . . .
"When her new groom and family are happy at their flounder fillet and deep
Fried Scallops a few yards away from the fearless restaurant, the blushing bride got an impromptu gift --
A complete stranger.
Dear reader, I know for the first time: I want to be a chef.
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