kitchen-floor conflict intensifies as rival house cats claim same empty bag - bathroom sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-30
kitchen-floor conflict intensifies as rival house cats claim same empty bag  -  bathroom sink attached to wall
The troubled kitchen continues to be turbulent
The Branson family's floor area reached a boiling point on Tuesday as new violence erupted in the relationship between rival home cats Boswell and Johnson.
Observers say the arrival of a new brown newspaper
The bag in the area was lit.
In the worst aggression since the devastating furnace, tensions between the two countries and triggered another round of territorial conflict
Side siege on 2005
It was reported that sporadic fighting took place that afternoon, and opposition forces retreated quickly during the raid.
Despite Johnson's relentless attacks, Boswell still sticks to his position, and Johnson repeatedly beats controversial bags along the old felt surface.
At the end of the day, in the absence of a first waiver of the claim by the other party and permanent withdrawal, neither party has shown any intention to stop retaliation
The result of a close battle is called "It is unlikely in the best case ".
"What people who are not familiar with the history here must understand is that this seemingly empty, barren paper bag, after the scraping of the living room, quickly becomes the third most important venue breakfast in the area-
Former CIA analyst Brian hardonks said.
"Both Boswellist and Johnsonian interests believe that it is not only a key location to establish territorial control in the kitchen --
The floor area, but it also makes the crash sound irresistible to both sides.
Haddox added, "Unfortunately, at least until the nap time, the hostilities have destroyed this already fragile peace.
"This bag is a brown paper bag from Stop & Shop, which has not claimed ownership of the cat in advance and has become a broad center --
When Boswell took control of its highly controversial interior and occupied the disputed area for about 30 seconds, the scale power game.
After Johansson's immediate revenge, Boswell launched a string of swats but failed to find a spot in the bag.
Reports from the ground suggest that Johnson had been forced to retreat to the green carpet area earlier in the afternoon, where he apparently licked his claws for about 10 minutes without interest.
Without any warning, Johnson then launched
Attack Boswell's troops on the front, pounce from the back, and finally chase all the way to the bathroom sink.
Only in the fierce mutual licking, heavy jumping and fighting are broken.
The conflict was once escalated into full conflict. fledged upside-
Before Boswell was rolled from the floor by a wrong ball to distract himself, both sides kicked their faces, putting the factions at a restless pause.
Despite the fierce fighting, no serious injuries were reported.
"The people in the middle have done everything they can to quell the violence, including bringing a second package, but it doesn't work," the secretary of state said. N.
Investigators Caroline Oliveira added that many residents were angry that the fighters knocked down a precious vase in November.
"Any one for a long time
A term solution may require deployment of a disciplinary spray bottle.
"According to zerenne Zervudacki, an International Red Cross staff member, when both factions shift their attention to a nearby can of tuna, the violence has temporarily stopped, cranking their necks before finally returning to combat, lick your lips and unite on the surface.
The ceasefire is promising, says Zervudacki, a fragile agreement that ignores the real cause of the predicament.
"The biggest shame here is that the two sides are so deeply rooted in their differences that they don't realize they are brothers," said Zervudacki . ", Note that although it is reported that the two sides were curled up on the sofa at the press conference, there may be another violence tomorrow.
"It would be something else if it wasn't a paper bag, like aluminum foil, toy mouse, or two plastic rings --
A gallon milk jug
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