Kim Wall 'tortured' before being killed on homemade submarine, cops say - sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-09
Kim Wall \'tortured\' before being killed on homemade submarine, cops say  -  sink attached to wall
According to the indictment released on Tuesday, the Swedish reporter was last seen alive on August aboard a homemade submarine, tied up and tortured by a Danish inventor, and then murdered her.
The Danish prosecutor says inventor Peter Madson, who is planning the murder of Golden Wall, brought a saw, screwdriver, strap and tube to hit, cut and stab 30-year-
According to the indictment obtained by Reuters, she was old when she was alive.
The 47-year-old Madson was accused of murder, dismemberment, and indecent treatment of the body of wall.
He was also accused of having a "particularly dangerous nature" sex with the walls.
The allegations were made public last Tuesday but were not detailed.
The death of wall has not yet been confirmed, but prosecutors say she was either strangled or cut by her throat.
Prosecutor Jacob Butch.
The case was "very unusual, very serious", Mr. Jepson said last Tuesday ".
"In August, Madson and wall traveled on a submarine in Madson. 10.
Wall is writing a story about Madson, who was last seen on board when he left Copenhagen.
The next day, Madson.
Entrepreneurs who once dreamed of launching manned space missions
Rescued from a sinking submarine without a wall
Police believe he sank the ship on purpose.
Madson provided a variety of explanations for Wall's death.
Initially, he told the authorities that he had dropped a wall on an island a few hours after they started sailing.
Later, he said that she had died in an accident on board and that he had "buried" her at sea.
Kim Wall's murder: The Danish inventor was formally charged with an "unusual, extremely disgusting" case, eventually admitting to throwing her body parts into the sea, but denying the murder or sexual assault on her.
At the end of August, the bare torso of wall was found on the southern coast of Copenhagen, and on October, her head, legs and clothes were found in bags at sea.
According to prosecutors, heavy metal objects are attached to the bottom of the sea.
Authorities also want to destroy Madson's submarine, AP reported.
Madson's trial is scheduled to begin on March 8 and is expected to be delivered on April 25.
Murder of Golden Wall: Danish police found another arm of the beheaded journalist. On Tuesday, Wall's family announced that applications for a memorial fund to honor their daughter were accepted.
In September, Wall's family and friends began raising money for the Kim Wall Memorial Fund grant, part of an online crowdfunding campaign, the event raised more than $150,000 from donors around the world.
The fund will give a $5,000 grant to a female journalist on March 23, which will be Wall Street's 31 th birthday.
"We want Kim to be remembered and honored as a great journalist, not a victim," Wall's parents, Ingrid and Joachim, said in a statement on Fox News on Tuesday . ".
"We can never get the gold back, but, we can see that her spirit will continue to exist and inspire other young female journalists to go out and cover stories that are rarely on the front page worth reporting.
Greg Norman of Fox News and The Associated Press contributed to the report.
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