kim wall: police confirm headless torso found in copenhagen waterway belonged to journalist - bathroom sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-28
kim wall: police confirm headless torso found in copenhagen waterway belonged to journalist  -  bathroom sink attached to wall
Police say a headless female torso found off the coast of Copenhagen was identified as missing Swedish journalist Kim Wall, after riding a submarine with the ship's Danish inventor
Peter Madson is accused of killing 30 people. year-The old man in his family
The submarine was built earlier this month.
The torso was found on Monday.
Copenhagen police investigator yens Merle Yansen said the DNA of the body matched the MS Wall on a homemade submarine believed to have died from sinking in August 11.
He said dry blood was found in the submarine, which also matched the MS.
"In August 12, we got a brush and a toothbrush to make sure of her DNA.
"We also found blood on the submarine and there was a match," said Mr. Molle Jensen.
He told reporters that the body was "most likely attached to a piece of metal to make it sink.
Mr. Merle Jansen added that the body was "washed ashore after a period of time at sea" and that the police found some marks on the torso, indicates an attempt to squeeze the air out of the bottom of the body and not float.
A passing cyclist found the body, and police said it was too early to determine the body that had lost its head, legs and arms.
Madsen has been charged with manslaughter and has been missing since he took Wall out to sea at 17
August 10 m submarine.
He denied the charges.
A day after he saved his life, the UC3 Nautilus sank.
The police did not find anyone else on board.
Maritime authorities in Denmark and Sweden use divers, sonar and helicopters to find bodies in the Koge Bay in the southern part of the city and the Oresund Strait between the two countries.
Entrepreneurs, artists, submarine builders and aerospace engineer Madson appeared before the judge for preliminary enquiries.
The case is not open to the public to protect further investigations, police said.
MS wall in Sweden
Born as a freelance journalist, studied at Sorbonne University, London School of Economics and Columbia University in New York, and graduated with a master's degree in journalism in 2013.
Her family said she lives in New York and Beijing and writes for publications such as the New York Times, The Guardian, the South China Morning Post and the deputy Magazine.
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