Kim Wall died after being hit on head by home-built sub's hatch, inventor says - sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-09
Kim Wall died after being hit on head by home-built sub\'s hatch, inventor says  -  sink attached to wall
The reporter Kim Wall died after being hit by a hatch on a homemade Nautius submarine, and the Danish inventor accused of killing her testified in court on Tuesday.
This is the first public hearing since his arrest in August.
Peter Madson, 46, said he has been holding the hatch for 30 years. year-
The old wall slipped and caused 155-
The cover of the pound fell on the reporter and he subsequently bled to death due to an open fracture of his skull.
"I lost my footing and the hatch was closed," Madsen said, according to Sky News . ".
"Kim Jong Il was seriously injured, lying in bed and bleeding.
There was a pool of blood where she landed.
Madson claimed that the two men were sailing across the strait between Denmark and Sweden at the time of the accident.
He then explained the accident and he frightened him and he pulled her up with a rope and her clothes were pulled down.
He then threw her body into the sea, intending to commit suicide.
Special prosecutor Jacob Butch
According to the Danish BT tabloids, Jepson also pressed Madson on his sexual desire if he was interested in "choking sex.
According to the BBC, Madson admitted that he and his wife live in an open relationship and that he has had contact with the circumstances of the sadomasok people.
"No, but many years ago, I told a mistress of erotic characters that she should hold her breath.
But it was her own invitation, "he said in court, according to British Telecom tabloids.
The inventor stressed that his relationship with Wall was completely professional and that she was going to interview him and nothing else.
Tuesday's hearing was not to determine Madson's crime, but to see if there was enough evidence to maintain his detention during police investigations, a judge later said.
According to The Associated Press, Madson was calm in court, although he was annoyed by the prosecution.
In August, the naked headless body of wall was found.
21 on the beach in Copenhagen, 10 days after she was last seen entering the submarine in Madson, she was writing a story.
Earlier, Wall's head, arms and legs were deliberately cut off, and a piece of metal was attached to the torso, "most likely to have it sink," police said ".
Police also said traces on the torso indicated that someone was trying to squeeze the air out of the body so it wouldn't float.
Copenhagen police are still looking for Wall's head and where and how she died, bringing in a mobile truck scanner last week that is usually used to scan containers to search for any hidden compartments on board. The 40-
Nearly 60 feet tons
The long submarine that sank earlier this month is now parked on land in a remote corner of the Copenhagen harbor.
The inventor was detained after being rescued in August.
From the submarine, an indecent treatment of a body.
According to Sky News, strict reporting restrictions by Danish courts mean only limited case information can be obtained, but the cause of death in wall has not yet been determined.
Wall's family launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise donations for the Kim Wall Memorial Fund ---
A young female journalist will be funded.
The Associated Press contributed to the report.
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