kim kardashian's weird home decor feature spotted in vogue interview - buy small bathroom sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-22
kim kardashian\'s weird home decor feature spotted in vogue interview  -  buy small bathroom sink
Kim Kardashian has shown for the first time in history the interior of her vast Hollywood family, showing this in one episode of the 73 questions in Vogue.
However, fans quickly noticed that despite the star's huge bank account, she seemed to miss a very critical feature in her luxurious home: bathroom sink.
To say the least, the hidden mountain mansion she shared with her husband Kanye West and their three children is really small.
But when the camera followed the reality show star to visit many of the bathrooms without a doubt, Kardashian revealed his-and-
Her sink looks like a flat stone with no basin to drain water.
While the intent of the design may be minimalist, fans are confused about how complex designs actually serve everyday use.
A confused fan wrote on Twitter: "This is the most confusing thing I 've ever seen.
Another netizen added: "I have been thinking about the bathroom sink of Kim Kardashian.
"I need to know how Kim Kardashian's bathroom sink works," said another confused fan . "
Another eagle eye detective said: "Hahaha, I think I saw a small drain pipe like a small pitch in the sink.
Those things are crazy.
"Look carefully at the sink and find that the bottom is a little bent, which will drain the water.
Though, if you find yourself facing one of these fancy sinks, it's better to avoid classic facial splashes around this basin.
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