katy perry sells incredible £8.7m hollywood hills property with huge pool, home gym and four separate houses - bathroom cabinets

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-13
katy perry sells incredible £8.7m hollywood hills property with huge pool, home gym and four  separate houses  -  bathroom cabinets
Katie Perry sold her mansion in Hollywood for £ 8. 7m.
The apartment features a large swimming pool, a family gym and four separate houses.
Grammy winner Katie
According to online mail, the property was listed after she failed to sell it for £ 141.
Amazing Villa for pop princess with incredible views in Los Angeles-
When lying by the huge pool, you can see the best side.
The pool is a key feature and of course a luxury resort as it is surrounded by palm trees and after enjoying the heat of Hollywood there is a cottage to cool off.
Exclusive Homes are distributed in more than 2.
3 acres, visit through the plush Mulholland area.
This home has a Mediterranean atmosphere-
Largely because of the exquisite Latin feel in the bathroom with authentic wooden blinds in the bathroom.
Marble tiles have a mosaic effect in a blue and white bathroom decorated with gorgeous mirrors.
The bathroom cabinets even match the mirrors on delicate details.
The list on the WWD website shows: "four residential buildings have created this unique private product, including the main villa of Getty
Built 2 storey guest house, incredible fitness center and security room.
"The spectacular gate greets visitors who are guided to the rock-drilling driveway leading to the large motorcycle farm.
"The aquamarine swimming pool is surrounded by mined Italian lime, and the cottage and outdoor dining lounge with fireplace ignore it.
"In the chef's elite kitchen, virtual indoor/outdoor living becomes possible with upscale appliances and beautiful tile inlays in the kitchen.
Unforgettable master suite with Roman bath and Sky Dome ceiling.
Meanwhile, Katie is said to have "cast a shadow" against Taylor Swift in an audition for American Idol ".
The singers have been arguing since 2014, and when a contestant sings Taylor Swift's songs on the show, judge Katie can't help digging.
While auditioning for the fireworks singer, Judge Luke Bryan asked someone who had the hope of becoming an artist.
The hopeful said, "I'm sorry for this Katie --
Taylor Swift, "admits the grievances of the two stars.
"You don't have to apologize," Katie replied.
However, when he said, "I love Taylor Swift ! "
Katie seemed to dig deep into the personality of her former friend and said, "I love her too as a songwriter . ". "Got a story?
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