karl lohnes: stylish ideas to help make a home magazine worthy - bathroom vanities

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karl lohnes: stylish ideas to help make a home magazine worthy  -  bathroom vanities
These simple designer tips will energize your home and look like professionals have just finished their work and waved goodbye.
Did you move into a new space or renovate your house, but it still doesn't look like one of those wonderful places in a decorative magazine or TV show?
I 've been listening to it all the time: People spend their time, money and energy at home, but it feels like it still doesn't have that camera --ready look.
As a long term magazine editor and TV stylist, I have learned all the styling tips that make your space look complete and impressive.
These simple designer and stylist tips will energize your home and look like professionals have just finished their work and waved goodbye.
When you walk into your house, what gets your attention right away?
In a small apartment, the view at the entrance door may be a blank wall at the end of the small foyer.
Try to place a colorful artwork there. In an open-
Concept home, the view may extend to another room.
Make sure the line of sight ends on the eyes-
Fireplace, chandelier or large windows with views.
As discussed in the previous columns, each room needs a focus.
The most obvious is the fireplace, the bedside table in the bedroom, the bathroom vanity and the TV center in the family room
The key is to make a conscious decision on the main focus of each room.
If it's a practical item like a TV, even if it's not used, it can be turned into something enjoyable by creating an interesting illustration around it, the color of the shelf or the prominent Wall.
The simple sculpture-shaped pendant adds a modern touch to the lighting.
Barbara Barry's halo light, $1,500. VisualComfort.
The easiest way for ComLight is to use light to attract attention.
Lighting on the artwork, wall lighting on the side of the fireplace or bed, and light cleaning on the focus Wall are all effective ways to emphasize focus.
Lighting as an accessory fixture is also a great way to add stylish decorative elements to the room.
The pendant is slowly replacing the fancy chandelier with exquisite cleaning
The inner lining elements of the table, kitchen island, or as a hanging device in the corner of the room. Look for large-
Zoom the fixture to increase the impact on the space.
The table lamp is best paired to create symmetry on both sides of the bed, sofa or fold.
I like to use single in front of window.
The light on the window is how the homeowner creates a sense of welcome, comfort and beauty for passers-. Adding an auto-
The timer means that when you get home from work, the lights will always be on to greet you, which is also good for family safety.
The renewal of modern fabrics can give new life (and style)
Old furniture.
The Wedgwood concave fabric designed by the designer. JFFabrics.
Old furniture with modern decor don't say goodbye to favorite comfortable dining chairs, sofas or Ottoman.
When the covering is worn or worn out, it is redecorated with modern new fabrics.
It's like Botox for furniture: it makes the furniture look younger.
Take the world home with an exotic accessory (
Even a simple hand made basket)
Will add much needed roles to the regular room.
It is easy to collect carpets, pottery and blown glass from travel or import shops and add ideas in the focus area.
Secular discoveries help create an exotic atmosphere for a modern or traditional room environment.
Hair on Hide f, $130. Homesense.
CaHere is how to lay a solid foundation for fashion home. —
Neutral background.
Neutrality does not necessarily mean boredom.
Now, mixing cool gray and warm beige is all rage.
Choose your favorite duo and highlight it more subtly than the others. —
Build a story around a wonderful piece.
This styling technique has a dual role, giving new life to outdated furniture and creating a conversation start (
The conversation is likely to be "Wow!
Where did you get it? ”).
Ottoman bed cover with vintage curtain fabric or old fur coat repaint an outdated dresser in stylish color (think pink)
Or recombine your work into a new decoration scheme. —
Let your personality shine through your decoration;
Always like specific colors?
Use it on all levels of your home.
Is there a weird collection?
Make sure you salute it by showing it as the focus in your favorite room.
Do you have a decoration problem or would like feedback?
You can contackarl Lohnes FacebookorInstagram atKarl Lohnes design number or email atklohnesdecor @ sympatico. ca.
Karl has been a home decoration expert and product designer for 25 years.
He showed up at 8: 00 on Thursday morning. m.
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