Karl Lohnes: Shower your bathroom with the latest looks - small bath sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-08
Karl Lohnes: Shower your bathroom with the latest looks  -  small bath sink
The bathroom is one of the most used rooms in the house.
It is not only practical, but also beautiful and comfortable.
The bathroom is renovated every 15 years on average, so design and plan your needs during this time.
For example, a young new owner may want to take a walk
Shower with rain
Shower heads and TV in the room;
People of retirement age can choose bathtubs with armrests and built-in bathtubs
Ceiling speakers for soft music.
As for style, look for clean, simple and modern lines to represent the middle
Modern style of the century.
Keep these design ideas and products in mind when making changes to the bathroom.
There is always an argument about the need for at least one bath for each family.
Many real estate agents will tell you that one is needed for every family.
But the bathroom is-
Maybe more than other spaces.
Its design should reflect your personal preference.
So even though many families have a combination of bathtubs/showers to choose from, I always design a bathroom with no bathtubs because I don't use them.
I prefer to create a large deluxe shower in the same footprint as the bathtub;
This way, the space can easily install the bathtub if I need to change in the future.
In the smaller bathroom, the decision between the base sink or the dresser is a tricky issue.
Although the base allows for a more open and spacious room, the dresser offers a lot
Countertop space and storage space are required.
When planning a bathroom renovation, I always recommend incorporating the vanity into the bathroom that is used every day, regardless of the other storage space available.
The base is the perfect choice for secondary bathrooms such as guest rooms or dressing room bathrooms.
Select a larger sink deck for display and use as a countertop.
Another option is a wall.
While keeping the room ventilated and open, the vanity is installed, providing some exposed storage and countertop space.
Secret tip: use 4-find extra storage
The inch depth between the wall nails serves as a space to expand the medicine cabinet.
Although Metro tiles are a classic choice for modern and traditional bathroom walls, the new mid-century-
Inspired tiles caused a sensation at the scene.
Instead of wallpaper, tiles and drywall, many in-
Trend bathroom tiles all the wall space together to create the look of the shower room.
For the floor, look for bigger tiles.
In a small bathroom, the tiles go through the width of the room and visually expand the space.
Narrow tiles with herringbone/herringbone patterns also help to expand the look of the room.
Another trick is to keep your floor on the shower floor and the back wall to get eyeballs through the room and make it look longer.
Want to upgrade the look of your bathroom, here are some simple decoration ideas to keep your bathroom open
There is no trouble with decoration and the trend of expenses. —
New shower curtain and towels.
Textiles occupy some serious real estate in the bathroom;
Shower curtains, bath mats and towels offer a great opportunity to add colors or patterns to the room for less than $100. —
Luxury vinyl tiles.
Not just the floor, vinyl tiles are an affordable, durable way to cover vertical wall space and create an expensive tile look, and a great alternative to wallpaper. —
New faucets and fixtures (
Friendly installation with homeowner).
By purchasing on-track trends in metal finishes
Trends in hardware, lighting and faucets.
Use the old brass or matte black metal finish as a solid trend of 2019.
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