Kanye West spent $85k on photo of Whitney Houston's drug-strewn bathroom for album cover - wall mount bathroom sink vanity

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-07
Kanye West spent $85k on photo of Whitney Houston\'s drug-strewn bathroom for album cover  -  wall mount bathroom sink vanity
Kanye West is down $85,000 on Whitney Houston's drug Photo
Scattered bathroom used as album cover.
In an interview this week, rapper Pusha-
T shows Kanye-who co-
Made his new Daytona album and decided to change the artwork, instead chose the photo of the late singer's bathroom. '1 a. m.
My phone rang. no call.
Pusha told Power 105 this is my ID card.
One of the calls he received from 40 peopleyear-
Old Gold Hunter rapper
"Hey, yes, I think we should change the artwork.
I like other works of art.
He recalled.
VideoPusha explained, "Now this other piece of art is 85 grand.
I said, "Hey, I don't want to pay for it.
I won't even ask you to pay for it.
We picked what we picked.
It's right here, ready.
"Kanye apparently replied, no, it's this kind of music that people need to see.
I have to pay for it.
According to Pusha.
"Well, this is a picture," explains Pusha . ". This is a photo.
. . . . . . This is just a photo, it is allowed to be 85 grand on a global scale.
I am not too deeply rooted in such an art world.
I told him to do that.
He has to pay for it.
Pictures of Kanye buying these rights, reportedly taken in the Atlanta mansion in Whitney on 2006, show a messy bathroom dresser with drug supplies scattered around the sink.
Whitney was found dead in the bathroom of the Beverly Hilton hotel room on 2012, aged 48.
Later on Thursday, Kanye posted Pusha's album on Twitter and proudly presented the work.
Daytona is the first project in Wyoming.
I am proud of our cooperation.
It took us a year and a half to dig samples and write.
I am very grateful for the overwhelming positive response we have received. ' he wrote.
This is not the first time Fade hitmaker has put forward controversial ideas for album covers.
Last month, during his epic Twitter spree, the rapper revealed that he wanted to use a photo of a doctor who had surgery shortly before his late mother, Dongda, died in 2007, the cover of his upcoming solo album.
Kanye posted a screen shot of a series of text messages, including a picture of a mug photo that has nothing to do with Dr.
On January, Adams and Kanye sent a message to a friend named "w.
This is my album cover.
This is Adams plastic surgeon in January.
The one who gave my mother the last surgery.
Do you have the idea of the title? ' he wrote.
"I want to forgive and stop hatred," he added . ".
Shortly after the tweet, Adams wrote an open letter to Kanye asking him not to use the image.
Pusha's new seven track album Daytona, made by Kanye, will be released on Friday.
Kanye has been hiding in Wyoming, dedicated to his new solo album, as well as the new album of Nas and Teyana Taylor, as well as the collaborative album with Kid Cudi.
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