just another face in the wall - bathroom sink attached to wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-28
just another face in the wall  -  bathroom sink attached to wall
Have you ever seen a face in an unlikely place?
Look for face-
Like a pattern on a normal object, addictive, a bit crazy, and also a fun photography exercise.
Pareidolia is a strange phenomenon of seeing recognizable images in daily items.
Just like seeing the face of a religious icon made of tea at the bottom of your cup, an Australian map appears in a puddle or in the shape of Theresa's mother's head in a cinnamon scroll.
Features of face (
Usually consists of two eyes, one mouth and one nose)
The familiar shapes and positions of these symbols are recognizable features that are often repeated in nature.
By using your imagination and looking closely at things around you, you will be surprised at how many faces appear.
Have you seen your bathroom sink and found an interesting look, click on the nose, handle-
Staring at your character?
Jay Joslin from North Carolina (US)
Took this incredible picture: the feeling of sinking.
Thanks to social media, people can now share their "face-
Like fantasy.
There are photography groups and websites with the theme of palladoria on the Internet.
Check the face and lifeless face of the flickr group to get an interesting selection of user generated faceslike pics.
The attraction of looking at these photos is not only the challenge of solving facial problems, but also figuring out what the face is made.
This strange-looking robot character face taken by Carlos Pro is actually a coffee machine seen from above.
This Sri Lankan hand paper towel dispenser, shot by Eugene Guribye of Norway, looks like a robot inspired by George Lucas sticking out his tongue.
The beauty of a face
Like the illusion, you don't need a fancy camera.
It's not really a technical problem, it's more about seeing things in different ways and training your eyes to recognize certain patterns.
A simple point-and-
A camera or smartphone is enough.
Look at the photos I took recently with my smartphone.
What are you waiting?
Next time you see a face
Like an image, grab a snap with your camera.
I want to see your picture.
"Show your face" challenge: photo of your face and photo of my red brick face at the end (
Very stupid)face-off match.
Send your photo link to: abc open. ballarat@abc. net.
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