install drawer and cabinet knobs and handles - bathroom cabinets

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-13
install drawer and cabinet knobs and handles  -  bathroom cabinets
The kitchen and bathroom are one of the most cost-effective rooms in the home.
When you live in these two rooms, when you sell the house, the improvements made in these two rooms will pay off.
A relatively simple improvement is the addition of hardware to your kitchen or bathroom.
Adding knobs or handles to the kitchen and bathroom cabinets can really enhance the style and functionality of the room.
The simplest hardware to install is "single pull ".
"Usually only one of these knobs is attached to your Cabinet.
They are easier to install because you don't need to worry about aligning screw holes.
The "double pull" hardware usually has two screws that need to be measured to ensure that the hardware is properly aligned with the drawer or cabinet door.
For single-pull hardware (knobs)
: If you install a pull knob on the drawer, measure it so you can drill holes in the center of the drawer.
Note: Make sure to drill the correct depth according to the instructions on the hardware-
For aesthetic and safety reasons, you don't want the screws to penetrate the inside of the cabinet.
For lower cabinets, drill holes in the upper right corner closest to the exit.
For higher cabinets, drill holes in the bottom corner closest to the exit port.
Screw in the knob.
For the double pull handle, use the template.
The hardware store has them, or you can do it yourself: take a piece of plastic, cardboard, or even metal, and drill holes to match the distance between the hardware holes.
Start measuring from the opening where you want a hole, drilling.
Place the template on the hole, drill the second hole by marking the hole or clamping the template into the cabinet/drawer.
Screw into your handle from there.
Should be a perfect match!
Repeat these steps for all cabinets.
All you need to do is make a template for all the cabinets and drawers that use the same hardware.
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