inexpensive improvements for any bathroom (even if you rent) - small sink in bathroom

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inexpensive improvements for any bathroom (even if you rent)  -  small sink in bathroom
Ugly bathroom like an unwelcome guest
Loud, messy, hard to get rid.
Decoration range from expensive (for owners)
Completely impossible (for renters).
But there are some easy ways to improve any bathroom with little effort and little expense.
The neat bathroom will make your bath and grooming smoother.
First, assign its location with a simple plastic organizer.
Wirecutter, a New York Times company that reviews products, recommends InterDesign Linus Medicine organizers because it provides a large number of organizations without monopolizing cabinets.
If your space is really tight, the Magic will be low.
Introduction to Magnetic organizer attached to the back of the drug-
Cabinet mirror, using the small gap between it and the shelf.
You can learn more about these and other options in Wirecutter's little bathroom guide. Below-
Sink organizer
Essentially, the basket on the roller goes in and out like a drawer
Is another option.
Choice of Wirecutter, Silver Moon-
The drawer of the Container Store has a bunch of convenient but uncommon features, such as latches that prevent the basket from accidentally sliding out, and the option to screw the frame into the rear of the cabinet for additional stability.
Unlike some other models, it does not need to be assembled.
If your medicine cabinet is not spacious enough to store your potions, lotions and accessories outside of view, add a wall --
Installed cabinets can double your storage capacity.
Wirecutter recommends seven different surface treatments for Ikea cabinets and unparalleled Godmorgon month-year warranty.
If you can't install cabinets on the wall, freestanding over-
The toilet cabinet is your next best choice.
These designs span the toilet on long legs and therefore do not require drilling. (
But you should still anchor your wall with an easily patched screw, at least to minimize the risk of tippingover. )
No matter which style you choose, the cabinets with doors are better than opening the shelves, which can minimize visual confusion and prevent items from falling off.
Cabinets made of wood or bamboo are better suited to the humidity of the bathroom than cabinets made of medium fiber boards or broken boards.
A set of matches (
Or cleverly do not match)
Towels and bath towels can make your body better. than-lovely space.
The cotton towel at Qianmen resort is Wirecutter's favorite at the moment, as it feels luxurious about wet skin and wears out well over time.
In the absorbent carpet
Style bathroom, Wirecutter's favorite is the anti-slip of land' End Supima.
Even after thorough soaking, it can reach the name of its non-slip, dry quickly and thoroughly, with 12 colors to choose from.
In the drain mat
Designed as a grid of wood or other materials that do not absorb but allow the flow of water to pass-
Wirecutter likes ToiletTree's bamboo mat because it feels smoother and stronger than the closest competitor.
It's easy to make your shower look better and work better.
A new shower head can be a huge improvement and you don't have to spend much money on it: the budget option in Wirecutter's full shower head guide is less than $20.
The same goes for a decent shower caddie.
Wirecutter's test found that the easy manpower adjustable shower caddie Plus provides more storage and flexibility in solid screws
Feel almost as stable fixture design as built inin shelving.
There is almost nothing to light up the bathroom like a new shower curtain.
Most of the selections in Wirecutter's shower curtain guide come in multiple colors, but you can find a world full of bold prints and bright patterns through a quick web search. (
Here's a tip: do an image search for the "shower curtain" and the general design, color, or theme you imagine --
Said: "Mountain.
"It's an effective way to know what's available --
What might you like so much? )
Pick up a regular shower liner
Fabric or plastic sheet that actually prevents water from splashing out of the shower-to go with it.
Recommended by Wirecutter, Maytex liner, is made washable and easy-care polyester.
It's hard to imagine that you like to clean the bathroom, but the right tools can bring you a smile in the right case.
For example, Wikipedia-
OXO's recommended toilet brush hides ugly bristles behind the elegant trap door that is automatically opened and closed.
Even though it's dog
Toy look, Korky 99-
4A was recognized by Wirecutter and became the best toilet piston as it was more dynamic than any of the other 10 models for custom testing
Built-in plug simulator.
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