In the heart of The Village, home offers 1860s charm and 2015 wow factor - small stainless steel wall mount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-22
In the heart of The Village, home offers 1860s charm and 2015 wow factor  -  small stainless steel wall mount sink
The 1860-square-meter cottage on the north end of the village has been gradually renovated by the owners since it was bought by the owners 15 years ago.
Les Grands Ballets Canadiens and Jean executive director Alan Tangier
Interior designer Daniel Pilon, who designed the renovation plan, has removed the walls and created an open floor plan on the main floor that flows around the central original staircase.
They increased the size of the house with two sheets of paper.
A glass extension behind the kitchen.
At the end of the sunroom, there are two full floors that allow tall plants to bask in the sun in the afternoon sun.
Otherwise, the extension will be divided into two levels, including a built-in-
On the shelf where shelving does the design work. Double-
Glass and heated floors keep the solarium comfortable throughout the winter.
In the summer, the solarium has access to a private landscaped backyard with a stone-paved dining area, rich roots and a central fountain.
The kitchen is centered on Carrera marble island.
Near here, the main wall of the kitchen has a floor-to-
Ceiling white cabinets and built-in furniture
Stainless steel oven and fridge.
A sink and dishwasher occupy one end of the kitchen island, but on top of that, the area below it is open, plenty of legroom for the casual dining area-including using the island's induction stove as part of the dining surface.
Opposite the main wall of the kitchen is the wall surrounding the central stairwell of the home.
This is already done in man.
Stone-just like the other side of the living room stairwell.
In the living room, a tall piece of wood
A burning fireplace was installed on this wall, on one side of the kitchen, a large frame mirror was installed on the wall, and some shelves and a Miele steam coffee machine were placed on the wall.
A formal restaurant and library next to the kitchen, with three tall buildings-
On the bookshelf, there are high mirrors between them.
The division between the kitchen and the formal dining area is achieved through changes in the floor-from hardwood floors to tiles-and overhead changes, painted white with a textured tin-covered beam recovered from an old building.
The front of the house is a brick covered with ivy.
A four-step walk from the sidewalk on Plessis Street is a glass entrance --paned, black-
Frame mud room added to the original entrance.
There are four white pillars in the foyer, and the original stairs rise from here to the second floor.
As the stairs rise, they begin to widen to the top of the stairs.
Natural light pours down the windows of the stair platform overlooking the backyard. About-
On this platform you can look directly at the main bathroom.
From the stone sink in this bathhouse you can see the windows outside the stairwell and the stair platform.
"When you get up in the morning, the weather is fine," said Tangier . ".
"You can see the garden in the summer, where there is a lot of natural light.
I always think this House is
The house is nice because there is a lot of natural light.
You have your own privacy, but everything is open at the same time.
"On the left side of the landing, the master bedroom is above the long living room.
It includes PAX cabinets with mirror doors, stacked washing machines and dryers in the opposite closet, a wall with textured wallpaper, a wall painted white, a man-made wallstone.
There is a second piece of wood in the master bedroom --
Burning Fireplace rising again.
The master bedroom flows into the main bathroom through the family foyer.
Centered on marble
The tile floor is a deep white bathtub from the local company Wetstyle.
There is a large skylight above the bathtub.
One corner of the bathroom has a glass shower with shower and shower hose, and the other corner opposite the rectangular stone sink is a niche with toilet and storage room.
On the right side of the landing, on the other side of the second floor, is the storage room, the entrance to Pilon's sunny mezzanine office and a guest room.
The house consists of a crawling space that enters through the hatch of the dressing room from behind the stairwell.
The total square foot of the house is about 2,200 square feet.
It went public at Sotheby's for $1,275,000.
The tax is about $6,000 a year, says Tangier.
He said he and Pilon were moving to reduce the size.
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