illegal sex clinics to come under ima scanner - narrow wash basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
illegal sex clinics to come under ima scanner  -  narrow wash basin
A small, shabby room with a doctor. ™Room S, a narrow dirty bed in the corner, a washbasin and a list of guidelines on how to fight sex-related diseases shown on the wall.
This is a sex clinic scene, in the city center, right next to the bowbazal market, where business is active.
This is no exception.
Many clinics have emerged throughout the city, claiming to be offering 100 treatment for various sex-related issues.
Most of them are licensed and run by people who do not have the right to call themselves doctors.
Although the business of these illegal clinics is getting bigger and better, the Indian Medical Association plans to jointly raid the clinics with Kolkata Police After Puja.
We have submitted a proposal to the state government to ban 800 unregistered sex clinics in the city.
The government knows they exist.
IMA Secretary Nirmal Maji said that they were illegal, but they managed to establish the signboard by obtaining permission from the relevant authorities through some political relations.
There are about 1,000 to 1,100 individual clinics in the city. ™A health official at the Kolkata City company said it did not even comply with the clinical institutions act, but the government is looking for another way.
There are such clinics in the city.
A senior official at the National Ministry of Health said that we can't do anything unless the people make a complaint.
These clinics offer not only treatment for all diseases, but also treatment for Ayurvedic and homeopathy.
Most of the people who run these medicines have done some vague courses in alternative medicines and cans. ™Dr. Siddhartha Bach, a urologist, said not to be called a doctor.
If the government and IMA seek any help to carry out the raid, we will certainly cooperate.
K said. L.
Kolkata Police, North Washington.
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