ikea safety warning after another toddler crushed to death by malm chest of drawers - wall hung sinks with drawers

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-20
ikea safety warning after another toddler crushed to death by malm chest of drawers  -  wall hung sinks with drawers
Ikea issued a safety warning after a toddler was crushed by a drawer-the third child to be crushed to death by the same series of furniture.
All three fatal tip incidents involve furniture from popular Malm series drawers and wardrobes.
In the recent tragedymonth-
In Philadelphia, USA, old Ted McKee managed to tip himself a wooden dresser.
His mom Janet said she asked him to take a nap and check it every 20 minutes until she found out his bed was empty, and thought he was hiding-but later found him in the drawer.
Ikea said the chest was not fixed on the wall, and again issued a safety warning to parents after two similar accidents in the United States in the past two years.
On February 2014, two peopleyear-
A little boy from Pennsylvania died on him and his chest was nailed to the bed by a Malm.
Three months later. month-
An old child from Washington was killed under the age of three.
Drawer Malm chest tilt.
Although there are no reports of death in the UK, parents here are urged to make sure they use the wall constraints that come with the apartmentPacking furniture.
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Big Royal 90 th anniversary stampsBombs bath bed and ISIS gunmen disguised as ice cream sellers: The bloody incident of the spy leader warning in Europe beachesMaddie £ 430 k slander loss blow: search for the missing girl who was hit by the cash crisis as police won a lawsuit against McCann. The Swedish chain said: "We expressed our deepest condolences to the McKee family at Ikea.
"We believe that children are the most important people in the world, and our product safety is our top priority.
"Ikea USA reported the incident to the authorities immediately after learning about it and is conducting an investigation.
It added: "We would like to highlight the best way to prevent tipping --
Above the drawer is to connect the product to the wall according to the assembly instructions with constraints and hardware attached.
"Ikea has been installing restraint devices in our drawers for decades, and wall accessories are an integral part of the assembly instructions.
"There are concerns that their furniture can contact Ikea 0203 645 0010 for a free restraint kit if they have the original list.
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