if you remodel your home, be careful you don't destroy its original charm and end up with a . . .'remuddle' - grey wall hung basin unit

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if you remodel your home, be careful you don\'t destroy its original charm and end up with a . . .\'remuddle\'  -  grey wall hung basin unit
Last summer, Fabian and Julie Yeager found a good buyer in 1923 of Spanish while looking for their first home
They say South Pasadena's stylish house was bought for thousands of pounds under the market.
Yeagers said they got such a good deal because most of the original charm of the house was destroyed by the renovation efforts of the previous owner.
"While we love the neighborhood and can see the charm of the house, we were shocked at the change at first," said lighting designer Fabian Yeager . ".
The original arched windows in the study have been replaced by aluminum sliding windows, covered with plywood on the arches.
Three arched windows in the living room were replaced by a large floor-to-ceiling window.
Next to the Batchelder tile fireplace, a cabinet is dismounted to make room for the air conditioning of the wall unit, and the cabinet door is missing.
In the bathroom, the original basin was replaced by a cheap dresser with fake marble inside that didn't match anything else in the room.
"There is no doubt that these factors hurt the house," Yeager said . ".
"You may lose interest in the building of the house when the original work is removed.
The price we pay for this house reflects both the market and the changes we expect to require repairs.
While no one deliberately renovated or renovated the house in order to reduce the value of the House, the realtor said, "redecorated," a term sometimes applies to modifications that are not compatible with the original building style of the House, this does reduce sales in today's tough markets.
"Today's buyers know more about the architectural style," says Richard Mach, an agent with progressive properties to build houses specifically in the area of Philadelphia and Silver Lake, Los Angeles.
"In today's market, buyers pick everything, and many people want the original conditions.
People look at the details and the original features bring more money.
"Improvements and decorative decorations that have been considered harmful by many buyers in the past include acoustic ceilings, especially those that sparkle;
Aluminum windows and sliding glass patio doors, window blinds, analog paneling, old or low
High quality laminated countertops, glitter mirrors and crushed cabinets made cheap.
The fashion of interior design is also changing, and yesterday's popularity may be out of date. Painted-
On exquisite wooden boards and brick wallsto-
Nowadays, carpets or felt on hardwood floors are more unpopular than in the past few years. Poorly thought-
In addition to the additions that hinder traffic from one room to another or change the way one room is used, it also reduces value, regardless of the building style or age of the house.
Frank Thomas of Anaheim thinks he and his wife Michelle bought a car on Highway 20. year-
Ancient customs of Spain
Earlier this year, they purchased a stylish home, partly because a large bookcase in the family room occupied a wall.
"In the wrong place, this is a good bookshelf," Thomas said . ".
"This makes it impossible for you to arrange a seat so you can watch TV in the family room.
We tore it off and now the room looks three or four times bigger.
"When there is no consideration for the change and how it works, the price is subject to a downward impact," said Jolene Medina, whose agency at Buena Park has diversified, who sold their house.
Lin Vlacich, a real estate agent at San Prudential, agrees that he cites a double bedroom that can only be accessed through an existing bedroom or kitchen as an example of a bad idea --out addition.
According to Vlacich, many renovations carried out today by homeowners aged 1950, 60 and 70 to old houses are considered harmful.
"Early homeowners were less sensitive to style, so they added modern elements to the old house.
For example, smarter buyers today won't buy houses with aluminum sliders and blinds, "she said.
Joe and Maria hyin are fixing three of themBedroom in Spain
By replacing the many elements that the former owner added in order to make the house look more modern, a style house was designed in Mariano.
Aluminum sliding glass doors are installed around the family room and the inner courtyard.
The kitchen ceiling is lowered with plastic plates on the track for indirect lighting.
The brick fireplace in the living room is painted light.
"We hired a designer to advise us on how to re-shape the image of the family," says Joe Hein . ".
"We feel that the house is unique and we don't want to do damage to it and it will hurt it later.
The Heins have pulled up the wall. to-
Plan to replace the aluminum sliding glass door with a French door and will remove the reduced kitchen ceiling.
They wanted to restore the fireplace to its original brick color.
In some of the old homes, the attempt to modernize caused structural damage and the cost of repair could be high.
"The previous owner has replaced 12-
Carol Harris said: "The pane window in the front room of our house has a huge picture window of flat glass, which is improperly installed, causing the house to settle down . " Design and owner of the 1914 Spanish Colonial Revival home at Hancock Park.
Harris and her husband Stan Harris, director of film arts, had the window replaced and installed a new beam under the House to support it.
Harrises also found that all the interior walls of the house were sprayed with a rough textured coating.
"This may have happened in the 1970 s," Carol Harris said . ".
"We tried scraping and sandblasting.
At the same time, we noticed a strange smell in the house.
After removing the plaster, we found that the walls were covered with a broken board.
We believe that the original plaster has been removed, the walls replaced by cardboard, and then sprayed with a texture coating.
We have to remove all this and replace it with a drywall.
"Acoustic plaster is sometimes used to cover up cracks in the original plaster.
In recent years, many buyers, especially those in high-end communities, have rejected such a solution.
"Buyers absolutely hate cottage cheese ceilings," says Michael Moore, Jon Douglas's agent at the Mount chiveott, referring to the texture of some acoustic plaster.
Scraping off materials can be very expensive because most of the acoustic materials used earlier in the 1960 s and 70 s contain asbestos, which requires special precautions in terms of removal and disposal.
When Leah and Tom Griffith purchased their 1902 Victorian house in the West Adams area, the acoustic material covered most of the ceiling, including the walls on and around the stairwell.
The Griffiths are lucky because it does not contain asbestos.
"It's a very confusing job to scrape it off," said Leah Griffith . ".
Ironically, the former owner happened to pass by when she removed the material from the upstairs bedroom.
"She told me, 'We spent a lot of money to put it there, 'said Griffith. '".
Historic buildings in old neighborhoods like West Adams are the most likely houses to change over time.
Griffith's single
Victorian family apartments were converted into two apartments a few years ago.
In order to provide a full bathroom downstairs, the half bathroom behind the restaurant was demolished with a built-in bathroom
In China, dining room cabinets and moving walls make room for six peoplefoot tub.
The Griffiths family has removed the bathtub and plans to replace the Chinese cabinets.
Luckily, they found a part of the original cabinet. -
Four glass doors with lead-
On the garbage outside.
Make more serious repairs to the Wood
When the owner chooses to paint on the wood instead of restoring the paneling, a paneling Victorian or artisan-style house will appear.
"Adding the weight of the plaster to the craftsman's house will damage its foundation," said Dale W . "
Jones is a senior assistant to heritage real estate, which specializes in historic buildings in West Adams district.
"The houses were designed to swing in the earthquake.
"When you add plaster to these houses, you create a danger of serious cracking in the earthquake," he said . ".
Many buyers scoff at the painted houses, Jones said.
"Most of my buyers are looking for original products," he said . "
"It's not uncommon for buyers to choose beats --
More primitive than a house that might have a well
The interior is well preserved, but there is plaster outside.
I would say that such a house can be sold in a more primitive state, 20% lower than the house.
Jones said it was painted.
Craftsmen in his area have been on the market for more than a year.
"Buyers may buy good things in such a house," he said . ".
Plaster can be removed, but Jones warns that some unique architectural elements of the artisan style are usually removed before applying plaster.
Old houses usually need to be repaired and renovated.
Additional bedrooms and bathrooms may be required and the kitchen may need to be upgraded.
Electrical and plumbing works may not meet the specifications.
The house can be improved.
The secret is sensitive to the style of the House and maintains consistency with this style.
Savvy homeowners must do homework.
"We suggest that people study the role --
Define the character of their home, "said Teresa Grimes, a construction historian who previously worked at the Los Angeles Water Conservancy Association.
"The concern of the water department is that anything done to the House will not violate the integrity of its design.
It is hard to say that any element may not be appropriate at any time.
For example, even if the door was not there, it might be appropriate to put the French door into a house during the Spanish Colonial Revival.
However, it is not appropriate to put the same door on a streamlined modern or international design home, "she said.
Grimes also suggests asking yourself if these changes can be reversed as they may not attract the next buyer.
"A bad makeover looks like a makeover, no matter the style," said Sandy hifman, interior designer and contractor at Sherman Oaks, who redesigned many old houses.
"Most houses are adapted in a style.
"You have to make sure you keep the details of the original but possibly cheap manufacturing," she said . ".
He recently redecorated one.
1940 traditional homes in Sherman Oaks as an investment.
He tried to modernize the house while keeping the original style.
The new skirting and Crown styling replaced the old, less dramatic decor, but Schiffman kept the original wooden double-hanging windows.
Where new windows are needed, old
The style window was copied.
"Do what you can to make the house safe and comfortable," she said . ".
"Bring it to the code.
It also makes sense to increase the availability and value of modern facilities, such as phone jacks and cable TV connections.
"If there are elements in your house that are not good for today's buyers, but you are not going to sell them in the near future, you can choose to leave the house as it is, or make a gradual change depending on what your wallet allows.
However, if you plan to sell in the near future, some Realtors think you may have to make a change to get the highest dollar, especially if your home is at the high end of the market.
"If Windows and sliders are replaced by French doors and windows, the House may sell faster and at a higher price," said Vlacich of Prudential California real estate.
"If the wood floor looks good, it would also help if the kitchen had tiles instead of Fumika countertops.
Many buyers want all the benefits they are willing to pay unless the house is completely fixed.
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