huxley's ensuite has it all - mini bathroom sinks perfect for small bathrooms

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huxley\'s ensuite has it all  -  mini bathroom sinks perfect for small bathrooms
This is what the suite offers in the master bedroom of a new home, known as cedley II, which is provided by the Cedar Valley house.
He arranged to come back with her vanity. to-
Sit next to a separate walk
In the closet, give the couple a welcome elbow space as they go through their respective morning routines.
The bathroom comes with stylish Delta Lahara plumbing, separate shower and elegant bathtub.
Behind the bathroom is a tall set of cabinets with large drawers and doors with glass front, perfect for storing towels and other bathroom products.
Herley II is the latest performance home of a veteran builder in Riverstone, Cranston, Calgary's scenic community on the southeast side.
2,332 square feet, three bedrooms, two and a half bathroomsattached two-car garage.
The master bedroom sits on the back corner of the second floor, through the tall back-facing energy-
Efficient window.
Two secondary bedrooms enter the stairs connected to the main floor from the side.
For a growing family, the two level 2 bedrooms are the ideal size.
Although one of the two bedrooms has a closet, the other bedroom closet is a walk-in closetin.
Opposite the bedroom is a laundry room with one in front
Next to a full bathroom, load the washer and dryer as well as the tile floor.
Bathroom with double vanity and full bathroom
The length mirror allows more than one person to use it at the same time.
There is also a large bonus room on the second floor.
This is staged with a table, which makes sense as there is enough space at one end of the room to accommodate the workstation and furniture with a TV on the other.
The stairs to the main floor lead to the foyer on one side and the large room on the other.
The main floor has an open feel, complemented by soaring 9-
Across the horizontal foot ceiling.
However, the jewelry on the main floor is its luxurious L-shaped kitchen.
Stylish fixtures are hung on a rather large island with an underground sink and dining bar that can accommodate four people.
Have an amazing complete
The height of the tile tailgate, as well as the high and thin windows on both sides of the top of the booking furnace.
Full kitchen
High cabinet with glass front and soft closed drawer, stainless steel appliances and convenient walk-through entry.
The food room is connected to the mud room leading to the attached garage.
There is a great room next to the kitchen with a rustic style-
Focus on the gas fireplace surrounded by stone.
This space is perfect for sitting on sofas, chairs and big coffee tables.
If you like the natural light during your meal, there is no shortage in this corner.
Right next to a wall with three boxes.
The window in shape and the wall on the other side with glass doors lead to the rear deck.
Other features of the home include structured wiring packs, smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, and flush hardwood floors.
Model: Helley II.
Builder: Cedar Valley house.
Developer: Brookfield residence.
Area: Riverstone in Cranston is a community in southeast Calgary.
Price: The Herley II model starts at $650,000.
Hours: The show house is open from 2 to 8. m.
From Monday to Thursday, from noon to 5. m.
Weekends and holidays
Route: show home is located at No. 22 Cranbrook Lane. E.
To get there, take the deerford trail to Cranston Avenue, turn right at Cranbrook heights, and turn right at Cranbrook Lane.
Your left hand is the home of the show.
Information: Cedar.
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