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Updated by hélose Goodley: at 19: 36 on January 14, 2012, when she started working as a City banker, hélose Goodley thought she had a dream job.
But when she was 27, she changed four of them with it.
Minutes of dinner, ironing your own bed and singing in Nepal are all part of the training of officers at Sandhurst.
This is the first woman to write about life in the world.
The famous military academy revealed some strange practices she encountered there. . .
When my father cheered up, it was dead.
He was the one from that generation who joined the company for life.
My mother knows a lot about today's youth and she is worried that I am a lesbian (I’m not).
I still keep the whole process secret until now, I don't believe I will make such a radical career leap, but I can't hide it anymore.
I have to tell them.
At the age of 27, I lost a very decent City career. To enlist.
I have spent my life in the right order.
I worked hard at school, went to college, and after three years of evading responsibility there, I graduated and found a job in a bank in town with a high salary to make my parents
I bought a beautiful suit, wore high heels, took the financial exam, spent two hours of the day at the London School of Transport, sitting at HSBC's desk, sit in the shiny glass and chrome on the Canary Wharf.
I followed it for a while, squandered my enviable salary at Kings Road's bars and clubs, immersed myself in London's bright lights, with little to show.
But that's the soul. destroying.
Dream job?
I don't want it.
Sitting on the train, I scroll on my BlackBerry to find life Plan B.
I found it at dinner, sitting next to a terrible hedge --
The fund manager spoke loudly about his assets.
He is not the only mean idiot at the table;
I was surrounded by them.
Their pale, lifeless faces, overworked, bloodshot eyes and sparse hair show that their bodies and personalities are destroyed by their work.
But there was also a dinner that night that was not suitable.
He's fresh and smart.
Eyes and energy, entertain us with his stories of military life in Kenya, Braeken and Basra.
He likes what he does. I envy him very much. Very envious.
As he spoke, he leaned over to me and patted my knee at random.
He said with a cheeky smile, "you should join the army.
"It was cast.
In January 2007, I took part in the commissioning course at the Royal Military Academy in Sandhurst and was unpolitely referred to as "the best command and leadership training in the world ".
I attended a family visit a month ago.
I had the opportunity to experience the Army's food, itchy blankets and unnecessary yelling, measure the size for the uniform and collect a new pair of military black leather boots to wear in.
A month later, when I came back to start the course, my feet were bubbling.
Big and heavy boots.
We're like four people. year-
How old people tie them together (
Specific techniques to reduce stress and damage).
The best way is to protect your feet with medical tape.
There are also people trying to soften the leather by standing in the bathtub or using a leather conditioner, dubbin or urine.
We are told that if the whole process is too painful, there is always a Navy where they wear shoes.
Visit ends with a questionand-
Answer questions about Sandhurst's expectations, including a lot of useful tips such as "bring a lot of sports bras" and one of my favorite recruits: "Can I take my horse
The answer is the more surprising "yes ".
In addition to the new boots, I also received a detailed packing list.
The longest part appears under the heading of "cleaning tool" including: Flash, Cif, J cloth, Brillo pad, furniture polish, dusters, glass cleaner, duragock
Cleaning cloth, brush, cloth, black shoe oil (
Normal and parade gloss)
, Brown Shoe oil, brown shoe oil, ironing board and good
Quality steam iron.
Hair nets, hairpins, clips, regular slides, black elasticity, strong hairspray and wax didn't make me happy either. ‘Get on parade!
"Shortly after five o'clock A. M. in the afternoon, 'Death o'clock, 'the sound of an emergency cry can be heard.
I was wearing slippers and morning clothes, floating into the bright fluorescent light and arranging the "water parade" in alphabetical order, a morning ceremony.
This requires singing the national anthem before everyone drinks a litre of water so that later, in the parade, we can go to the toilet.
If there is any lesson in self
Control, that's it.
We were also asked to learn all six poems of the British national anthem and foreign students. (
Nepalese request is particularly high before breakfast).
Then we were fired to take a shower, to wear clothes and to have breakfast.
In 4 minutes we had to burn as many calories as possible to maintain a morning of our standing attention in the cold.
Each year, more than 800 students take the old university steps and take part in the commissioning course, which is divided into three entrances each year.
I was one of the 32 girls that started that winter, a disorganized collection of graduates, some schools --
I left school with two foreign students to serve the soldiers.
From plump to petite, from rich to working class.
The highest and shortest distance between us is almost 1 feet.
Some people can run a mile. and-a-
Half-Army physical fitness test within eight minutes;
More than 12 others.
The cord of my previous life was broken;
My midwife during the trauma was a female sergeant and an aggressive Sergeant Cox.
Despite being not tall, SSgt Cox gained a strong shock and terrible tone in her raised voice.
It can make the hound cry.
Her uniform is very primitive.
A career surrounded by a man made her tongue sharp.
Her first oppressive rule was to ban chocolate and cell phones.
Morale plummeted.
The first five weeks imitated the basic training of thousands of ordinary soldiers (
Except for the hell they endured for 14 weeks).
It involves a harsh system of constant harassment, Borenstein-
Practices and working hours like cleaning, ironing, scrubbing and polishing.
My femininity was taken away because my custom suit was replaced by monotonous rustic work clothes (
Until my uniform arrives.
My long hair was tied back to a face.
Comfortable jewelry, perfume and cosmetics
Get up is forbidden.
Later, when I was exercising in the wild, I smelled like a tramp.
We washed a flannel with a can of lukewarm water.
When under "enemy fire" I pounced on the ground and my armor pressed against my chest, the terrible reality revealed to me, squeeze out a warm and harmful air from the depths of my clothes.
Life has become a struggle for survival every day;
Every action seems to be punished.
It is forbidden to be lazy, have no hands in your pocket, and do not lean against the wall.
Being late is the most serious crime. Press-
Ups is the most popular punishment and I am very good at them over time.
I only have wardrobes, desks, drawers and bookshelves in my old college room, which are empty except for the Bible.
A white porcelain sink hangs on the wall under the mirror.
The cream walls were bare except for a safe, and I hid the contraband chocolate my grandmother gave me there.
More stuff in the cell.
The bed consists of an iron frame with a regular wooden headboard, a sturdy mattress and an army
A rough piece of cotton.
Everything has to be ironed, and then the bed is laid for the morning check with the reclined "hospital corner.
There is no evidence that the bed has slept-so many people are sleeping on the floor.
Like everyone else, I insisted on ironing while the sheets were still in bed.
It was a catastrophic mistake for a girl who dropped the hot iron on bare feet.
Everything has to be displayed in a specific way, shoes are aligned, drawers are pulled out gradually to reveal a series of T-
Shirts, jumpers and "smiling socks "(Bundle-
Fold up with a smile).
We polished anything that could have been forced to shine late into the night.
The fourth BBC must listen to a radio station.
The clothes must be folded into the size of A4 paper.
Our uniform will be on the bed.
Then, after breakfast, we will stop and rush to place outside our room on the arrival of SSgt Cox.
Minor sin (
Such as a hint of mud on running shoes)
But the punishment is tough.
All my hard work will rush into the hallway, pull it down from the shelf, throw it out of the drawer, or throw it in the puddle below from the window.
The woman ruled me every hour I slept awake.
We had to go through a pantomime to talk to her.
If she was in her office, we had to go to the door, with her arms straight, her shoulders high, with a "check, one" parked at the door of the office, her feet poked, and then her attention froze.
Then request: "Please allow access, Sergeant.
"I can't do it at all.
I have provided advice on FTSE 100, where I am about to be torn to pieces (again)
A little woman from Hull
"Go back and try again, Miss Goodley," she would say when I jumped Michael Flatley.
Every time I try, her voice gets higher.
Until the end, she suddenly jumped up, her scream filled with false sound, and the veins on her forehead beat: "Miss Goodley, a little farther away from me, before you can finish it correctly, don't come back!
I was terrible in training.
I moved like I was sick.
Disciplined robots
The most feared sport is "mark time ".
It's a pointless punishment, let's all march on the spot, and the legs burn in pain as the lactic acid builds up.
In the cold air of January, the steam will rise from us because we want it to stop.
When we finish our pace, SSgt Cox supports up and down to find out the error.
What are you doing, Miss Goodley? You lunatic.
In line with the rest of the platoon.
"Come on, Miss Goodley. Left. I said left.
All of these qualifications and college degrees you can't tell from left to right.
On the training ground, SSgt Cox is not the only demon.
Sergeant is a pocket man. sized pugilist.
He is very skilled and has many years of experience in training clumsySoldiers with feet
He was wearing a long and heavy coat with a clap in his hand.
One morning, when I accidentally performed a PUFA goose step, he suddenly jumped in.
He swayed his steps and stretched out the width of a hair from the tip of my nose, and when he loosened the highest hair, his sac bag went through a mouth --pitched squeal.
What is that, Miss Goodley?
If your legs can't be sorted out, I'm going to break them all.
Then I will climb up your nose with this speed and throw you into the lake with it.
You useless idiot.
When his angry spittle fell on my cheek, I felt my lower lip curled up.
I want to cry.
I want to go anywhere except this desolate and humid parade square.
I want my easy life in London.
Another trainer, the color sergeant Bicknell, who was very fussed about the inspection, would exclaim: "Ladies, I want you to be dazzled there.
I want you to be as smart as the carrots you hear?
Smart Like carrots
"With the drill, it's not
Stop before lunch
Every meal time Sandhurst has a massive stampede, with the aim of making the most of the precious time allocated.
Known in the Army as the "cooking House", the restaurant can sit 300 on the tall oak table
The back-to-back chair is worn smoothly from the bottom for many years.
The walls are decorated with armor, swords and royal portraits.
Chandelier hanging on the arched ceiling, where there are narrow stains
Glass windows allow light to shine.
For a reason I never understood, a glass cabinet occupies a proud position in the middle with a spread-out tiger skin.
We gobbled up everything and the sergeant at the door counted for a few seconds.
Quantity and carbs are a priority and there are always potatoes on the menu: New, baked, mashed, tender, cooked, meatloaf and chips, french fries
I eat slowly and it's hard to get enough calories to get through a long day.
Three meals a day was not enough at all, so a fourth meal was served to get us through the night of ironing and polishing.
We have been away for eight hours and then we will be taken to another class;
On-site craftsmanship, map reading, first aid, foot care, and weapon training are called "weapon skills ".
We went to the church on Sunday morning-Inside, men had to take off their hats, but it was very advantageous for our ladies to wear our hats.
Feed cap peaks cover your eyes when leaning forward, so bow down and pray, no one knows I'm taking a sneak nap.
I wake up earlier than when I was working in town.
I will definitely be shouted by more people.
Brought a piece of artificial Sunday night.
We were free when we were allowed to run our car for half an hour to prevent the battery from running out.
I will enjoy this moment, follow my daughter to sing the CD loudly and bite the head of the jelly baby I found in the glove box.
I went back to the "enemy line" of the city where I used to work, and I was with friends for cocktails and small chats in the bar overlooking the Bank of England.
I came straight in jeans (
Devil's cloth, forbidden in University)
At Tesco parking in cambury, Surrey, behind the wheel of my Volkswagen Polo.
I have already wiped out the cosmetics. Bag and blow-dried my hair.
Being a girl in the army is not attractive.
In uniform, I embraced flowers and pastel colors as before.
Red, pink, silk and lace.
But I can no longer stand in my towering city high heels as my toes are allowed to stretch comfortably in boots.
I caught the attention of Rupert, a savage neighborhood --
Fund manager.
He was busy leaning against my ear.
Look down from my head)
Tell me about himself.
Which bank do you work in? ’ he asks.
I replied, "I don't do this anymore . "
"I'm in the Army. ’He recoils. ‘Really?
So are you gay?
He looked a little unbelievable when I shook my head.
"Why would a beautiful little girl like you want to do something like this?
I was woken up by the bagpipe when I was 05.
In the hallway.
Today is our last day in Sandhurst.
December 14, 2007 Friday
The day we were finally commissioned.
We spent hours pacing the parade square, rehearsing and practicing until every step of the last sovereign parade was in our muscle memory.
The arrival of the royal family, foreign dignitaries, politicians and military leaders sat in the front row to watch the spectacular scene-a solemn display, a brass band and 500 students marched in the square of the old university
My parents, brothers and friends Deborah sat in the stands of the square, curled up in a cold camera.
My father was busy clicking but when I got home I was disappointed to see that I was not hit.
He took a picture of another girl and thought she was me.
Sandhurst was the best and worst experience of my life.
A lot of what I 've learned there doesn't seem to matter: marching, crawling, and trenches --digging.
However, there are other things I learned at Sandhurst: personal pride and stubborn determination to stick to it, holding your head high and moving on because I can do it.
The criteria and ethics for making the right decisions.
My biggest challenge will come later: dealing with soldiers.
I was expected to direct and lead the real soldiers.
Soldiers who made me proud and disappointed.
The soldiers will teach me more about the command, leadership and porn industry in five minutes, which is more than any lecture at Sandhurst.
I was appointed Army Air Force, and in January 2009 I was deployed for the first time in two trips to Afghanistan.
I am now captain of the Apache helicopter Corps deputy.
When I joined, I knew nothing about the army.
I just knew I needed to grab my life and do something and luckily I was on the other side of a 12-foot wall.
The army is right for me.
I rediscovered the passion I lacked.
It defines who I am.
I am proud to be one of them.
©Hélose Goodley 2012.
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