how to stay on track with your goals - small floating bathroom sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-12
how to stay on track with your goals  -  small floating bathroom sink
Now close to the end of January, many ordinary people in Jane and Joe have long lost their determination to focus on achieving the New Year's resolution.
However, this does not mean that it is time to give up, give up, and go back to the unhealthy patterns that made you unhappy in 2009.
That is, how do you stay on track?
Keep you motivated?
How do you remember again?
Every time you face a challenge, decide on your own?
Here are some tips to help keep your feet in the right direction: 1. Write it down.
If most of the goals or resolutions you set are still floating in your mind aimlessly, write them on paper.
Even if it's just one or two things, put them on paper and stick them near the bathroom sink or computer. (
The point is to put it elsewhere in your home where you can see it every day! )
Connecting with what you want and intend to do every day is critical to success. 2.
Divide the steps required to achieve each goal into small pieces.
Whatever your goal is, take the time this weekend to set aside an hour or two to start the "calendar-
Each goal.
I told my clients to create a table in WORD and even use EXCEL to break down the steps they take every week to achieve their goals.
Once they 've identified each step, it's important to make time on the calendar every week to work towards your goals.
For example, I will complete a book I have been writing this year.
So I'm looking at my calendar right now and putting my working hours where I can focus on writing.
However, if I didn't make time on the calendar and didn't value the appointment time I set myself as much as I did with a doctor appointment, I wouldn't make an appointment. 3.
When you feel that there is no motivation, or hear the sound of "I can't do this" in your mind, it is time to be quiet and calm down to connect with yourself.
Sometimes I don't want to exercise, I don't want to eat too much chocolate, I just feel lazy.
It is at these moments that I am connected with myself to find the "reasons" behind the thoughts and feelings that have allowed me to freeze ".
I asked my wise self-my head, and the voice inside --
Why does it not want to stay on track.
When it comes to exercise, the answer I get is, "too much work.
I don't want to sweat right now because I have to work right after exercise.
When it comes to unhealthy choices in the food sector, there are many reasons for my wisdom to "take only one bite "!
What is yours?
I also look inward to assess what happens to my emotional self when I feel unmotivated.
Sometimes I feel tired of working so hard!
When I want to finish
Eating, my emotional self wants to release quickly, the joy I feel from the chocolate icing for the first time on my tongue!
The process of inquiry did not stop.
When I feel unmotivated, I also look at what my body needs or wants.
When I put the treadmill down, I heard my body say it was tired.
Sometimes it says it is hungry and needs food or nutritional supplements in order to feel more energetic.
Finally, in this quiet time of thinking, I listen to the calm voice of my heart.
This is the information I got from myself.
The word of wisdom, in fact, is my true, true self, and whenever I take the time to ask, and then listen, I will eventually tell the truth.
The information I hear may have "do it and do it" and also "call derby and meet you at the gym ".
"Once I have spent these minutes" talking "to myself, I feel a closer connection with my goals, my resolve, or the need to move forward next.
For the clients I work with, I didn't teach them to "focus on prizes" or teach them to go to the mall or massage to reward themselves.
I ask them to look for strength.
However, if they continue to feel that there is no motivation, then we start to see if this goal is really what they want, or if they just think they want something. Deep, right? ! Stay in action.
Stay on target.
Remember that every moment of your life offers a new opportunity to choose who you want to be.
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