how to remodel a small bathroom - floating corner sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-14
how to remodel a small bathroom  -  floating corner sink
Not all bathrooms can be luxurious spaces with Jacuzzi and two separate vanity sets.
For some bathrooms, the space is large and it is not an option to remove the walls, but it has to be remodeled.
The small bathroom remodel has its own complexity, but with the right information, a small bathroom-
Remodeling projects can glow and heat.
Before starting your small bathroom remodel, design a floor plan that maximizes the room's available space.
Don't be afraid to design through free-
Floating cabinet.
Use mirrors to stretch the space in the small bathroom and keep the color scheme simple.
Use coordinated colors and accessories to keep the small bathroom bright, fresh and charming.
Cut off the scale in the bathroom.
Large items in the bathroom take up more space and look bulky.
The corner sink is simple and small.
The sinks release the visual space below, but there is no counter space and cabinet space provided by the traditional sink.
Another option is the base sink.
The design of these sinks is more classic and independent. Wall-
The installed sink saves space but there is no counter space.
Neither of these types of sinks provides the storage space below. Most home-
Improve the store to store smaller sinks, or you can customize a sink at a price from the cabinet store.
An easy way to save space is to use the bathtub and shower.
However, although most bathtubs do not use massage taps, there are smaller bathtubs.
Any bathtub less than 5 feet long can spill the water sprayed by the massage faucet.
Choose a toilet that can be close to the wall to save space, and the size of the seat and tank design determines how much space the toilet will use.
Also pay attention to the size of the original bathroom at home.
The toilets in the old house have 10 to 14 inch between the walls and the toilet drain, but the newer houses usually have 12 inch.
The wrong toilet is not suitable.
The toilet that buys the low water tank takes up less visual space, and the compact toilet leaves more space, but like any small bathroom renovation project, using these suggestions, you can find a toilet that is both stylish and suitable for the room.
Finally, limit what you bring into the bathroom.
For example, in order to save space in a crowded bathroom, it is better to have a dressing area in the bedroom.
Limited number of accessories--
The cluttered environment makes it easy to make a small bathroom smaller.
Planning a small remodel may require additional planning, but the resulting clean, beautiful and tidy bathroom will be an attractive space.
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