how to remodel a raised ranch kitchen - recessed sink in wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-09
how to remodel a raised ranch kitchen  -  recessed sink in wall
A raised-
The ranch kitchen is usually small, L-
The house was shaped because it had an entrance hall.
The entrance hall with steps leads to the elevated --
In most cases, the horizontal main floor takes up a lot of floor space.
You will enter a standard ranch house, take a few steps up to the main level and see the living and kitchen spaces as one.
Focus on creating a slightly larger kitchen or use the existing basic kitchen layout "footprint ".
For any small kitchen close to the living space, the transformation will bring the same challenge.
Measure the existing kitchen and draw a floor plan using chart paper and these dimensions.
Draw each wall facade in detail on the chart paper.
Use these measurements to decide to replace the appliance and other fixtures.
Check out the options to see if you can do a remodel using the basic footprint that already exists.
If feasible, pull some extra square feet of space from the adjacent bedroom or hallway.
Design the sink wall first.
Starting with the sink, plan the basic kitchen triangle consisting of the sink, stove and refrigerator;
Find these three components every few steps.
Plan to add a deeper sink to wash the big pot with a high curved faucet.
Add the cabinets to the left and right sides of the sink to accommodate dishes taken out of the dishwasher.
If you combine kitchen activities with living spaces, build a wall to sift through them. Add floor-to-
Ceiling cabinets on one wall.
In any kitchen, especially in small L-
Cabinets use one wall per square inch to form a kitchen.
Install food cabinets with double doors and taxiing-
Cans and dry goods are placed on the shelves.
If it's only a few steps away from the main living area, plan this wall for the Cabinet to make it look right.
Use light colors to make the kitchen look bigger. Buy light-
Color cabinets, appliances and accessories.
Use white, beige, stainless steel and other lightweight materials
Make the typical kitchenette on the farm look bigger with colored surfaces.
For example, install a white cabinet or paint an existing cabinet in white.
White-gold ceramic floor tiles or hardwood floors in light oak.
Use white or stainless steel appliances.
Planning and transformation in stages.
From the ceiling.
Paint the ceiling space and add embedded lighting.
Paint the walls and add new cabinets in the next stage.
Then install the sink and appliances.
Before finally laying the floor, get everything ready so you don't scratch the floor during the remodel.
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