how to recycle and repurpose a tv stand - small wall mount

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-08
how to recycle and repurpose a tv stand  -  small wall mount
I had a large cathode ray TV all the time before I bought the hd TV. Guess what. . .
The new TV is not suitable for the opening of the old TV.
With a little time and little money, I made a custom stand with furniture that some people thought could not be used.
Recycling and reuse of an item now has a more advanced term.
What a clever verb.
I think this was created by someone who just found out that he could save money by setting up an outdoor clothesline or using a solar battery charger.
After the flat-screen HDTV becomes the norm, you can't give away a cathode-ray TV, and everyone gets stuck with the bulky TV rack that stores these outdated behemoths.
The HDTV in HD style is thin and rectangular and does not require a square, deep entrance to place the device.
The old cabinets and brackets have a great depth to accommodate the deep layers of the electronic components.
Now, the TV is installed on the wall, or on an updated, thinner cabinet.
Before you buy a new stand or stand, consider a weekend project to recycle the old TV stand.
By installing new doors on the space the TV uses to set up and building racks, you can create a huge storage area for anything!
It can also be a bedroom or sideboard for dining room sheets and napkins.
A reciprocating saw can make a large TV stand into a frame fireplace sleeve.
In fact, when I recycle my own 28 inch TV racks, there is enough room for my entire DVD, CD and VHS collection, eliminating the carousel of the library.
The new 42 inch hd TV is on my 36 inch high TV stand.
You can still have an old stall, or you can easily purchase a new Booth from a thrift store or garage sale.
Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying any used furniture: 1-
Buy only buildings, not pellet boards!
Those items built with particle boards cannot withstand repeated movement and are covered with plastic laminate or veneer that cannot be copied.
This can be done, but I prefer to spend the same amount of time on a work that lasts a lifetime. 2-
Avoid old furniture that requires a lot of repair or repair.
Easily replace the missing hinge or pull knob;
Fixing the top by sanding and dyeing to remove some scratches becomes more complex and expensive than you expected.
Consider drawing to match the existing d-draw©Cole. 3-
Recognize your ability and limitations to complete any project.
Can you reach out to all the manual and/or power tools and the necessary skills? This is a great project for beginners or experienced handyman, it should be your fun, not
The first step in recycling old TV racks is to determine the type and number of doors.
You can build a single or double, framed or frameless cabinet door.
Most kitchen cabinets have their own examples.
The frame cabinet door has a frame with wood or glass inserts, and the Unframe is a door of equal thickness to the entire length and width.
There is no best option, but a solid frame-free hard plywood is the simplest and most expensive to make.
It will accept any stains or paint you want and will require minimal hand tools to complete.
Remember, this is a weekend project.
I chose the frame inserted with oak plywood to match a pair of existing doors on the old unit.
I created dados 3/8 (grooves)
In the frame with two channels on the table, the saw accepts plywood inserts.
Each door was stained with stains from the British colony, along with a satin polyurethane coat that matched the original color.
The second step is to accurately measure the width and height of the opening you want to close.
Halve the width to create a double door.
Whether you choose single or double, frame or non-frame, deduct inches from the height to allow non-
The bundle of the door swings.
The old cathode TV is very heavy and may make a slight depression on the shelf.
The third step is the cutting and manufacturing of the door (s).
I will reiterate the advice of the historic Carpenter: measure twice and cut once.
Nothing is worse than miscalculating the size and being forced to buy more material.
The key to proper installation is to ensure a 90 degree angle by using a square or oblique cut saw.
The frame can be glued around the insert or screwed around the insert.
I used four door inserts stuck together.
Now is the time to apply any stains, paint or varnish of your choice.
The fourth step is to measure and cut the shelves.
Will be 1/4 shorter than the length required for the opening, you can support the shelf by using an adjustable metal stand, or have fun by drilling holes and hard wooden piles with a spacing of 3/8 as shelf support to keep it simple.
The shelf height and location are determined by the item's storage intent.
The fifth and final step is hardware installation.
Solid doors need more support due to weight.
I matched the existing door hardware (
Hinge and pull)
Choose from a variety of antique gold provided by the local home improvement center.
This completes a brief introduction to how to recycle the TV rack.
For me, it is very gratifying to restore and reuse items that others think are under-used or limited.
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