how to plan and decorate your bathroom: top tips from an interior designer - wall hung bathroom furniture uk

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-21
how to plan and decorate your bathroom: top tips from an interior designer  -  wall hung bathroom furniture uk
If you start the design from scratch, including layout and installation, make sure there is a comfortable flow in the room.
When the bathroom door opens, for example, make sure the first thing you see is to relax and be beautiful.
For example, a wall, a nice bathtub or a walk
Not the toilet when taking a shower!
If you are lucky enough to see the beautiful view from the window of the bathroom, then place your bathroom well so you can enjoy it while relaxing.
These are all things to consider when considering a floor plan, and don't even think about colors or styles until you know where, what and how things will be!
When designing a layout, be sure to keep in mind the importance of storage.
What I hate most is the messy surface, especially in the bathroom.
Install some stylish shelves next to the cabinets to create a mix of exposed and hidden storage.
In this way, all the attractions can be hidden and you can show beautiful bottles, soap, and even the bathroom --
Friendly green plants like aloe vera or evergreen trees in China.
Scandinavia is proud of their storage.
Design qualification, that's right.
Brands like String offer great bathroom shelves with timeless slim line design outlines.
These work well in the bathroom but can also be used at home.
When designing a home for a client, I think the bathroom is definitely a gem of the design potential.
They can be unexpected patches of color and vitality, hidden behind the stairwell, or an inconspicuous connecting door.
Be bold with color tiles or paint.
You can even lift the shades to the ceiling for the most impact.
There are many custom options for paint hygiene
Free software is also available
A traditional reservoir. Colour-
Matching is a huge trend for 2018, so try to match the tone of the paint or tile you decide to use with the bath or other bathroom furniture.
White or neutral tones always give a sophisticated aesthetic, including a simple white scheme.
To get more depth, use a darker or more vibrant color combination in a hue spectrum.
For example, if you're using pink, use a mix of coral and ballet --Slippers blush
This will create a more rounded look and the exact color-
Matching will give a very cool two-dimensional look, nothing different from Pop Artthemed schemes.
Designed in a small bathroom, we are always taught to maximize the space of our home.
No matter the size of the room, the dogma is Magnolia.
This "space saving" is a myth that wastes huge decorative potential, especially when the space is small at the best.
In addition to the main bathroom, the small room bathroom can be a miniature, sparkling pocket designed for paradise, not a forgotten space in most homes.
Bold design with wallpaper and wall covering.
Give your space a real conspiracy using patterns, colors and proportions.
I love the Flamingos wallpaper from Arte.
This is a vinyl covering with tapestries.
Love the feeling of richness and depth.
Another great option is Holly frandandrew Martin Amber Frost wallpaper.
When you cover the wall with patterns
The space is as heavy as this and immediately feels more special.
When you put the aesthetic importance on a room that is basically forgotten, such as a cloakroom or a small bathroom, you will give it a new way of life-breathe fresh for your home
The bottom line for me is not to ignore the design potential that your bathroom can offer.
Regardless of the size or shape of your bathroom, give it the same attention as it does for the bedroom, living room or kitchen.
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