how to install a wall-hung vanity - mounting a pedestal sink to the wall

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-13
how to install a wall-hung vanity  -  mounting a pedestal sink to the wall
We bought a wall.
We hung up vanity because we liked it.
Extra visible floor space to make the bathroom look bigger)
Because you can easily customize the height and store things in baskets hidden below.
However, they need to be installed directly on the bolts, and the chance to find them in the correct position on the wall is not great. I found zero.
The instructions suggest you add a barrier between the bolts, but this requires removing a lot of dry walls, fixing the brackets in place, and then patching the mess, which is a real bear.
There is a simple and clean alternative here, and another advantage of it is that the screws go straight into the wood instead of going through the drywall first. If your wall-
Hung vanity has a better suspension design, congrats-
You may not have to take such a long way.
I ordered our online and didn't have any information about the installation.
You need at least a piece of wood, just vanity (
I used 2x3 as there is one around me but 2x4 can)
, Cordless drill, deck screw, saw (
Or table saw, round saw, hand saw, Chisel)
A drywall knife or saw.
Screwdriver to adjust the bracket.
Obviously, you need a wall.
Also hung up Vanity Fair.
Please note that the instruction manual requires a licensed professional installation, but I usually think these considerations are a challenge.
The same is true of you, otherwise you won't read this!
You need to cut a horizontal hole at the clip height on the back of the dresser exactly the same size as your wood (
You need to figure out the height yourself.
It will depend on the exact model of your vanity and how high you want your vanity to be).
If you have patience, you can cut with an Exacto knife, and if you don't, you can cut with an oscillation tool. I'm not.
I have a cheap oscillation tool that makes it easier for any way to dismantle a task.
I wish I had bought it a year ago.
It took about two minutes to cut the hole.
You will fill the holes you have just created with the wood you cut into length, but first, you will need to cut out the gaps to hold the columns and any pipes/wires that may be behind the dresser.
You want to cut the gap deep enough so that the remaining wood is exactly the same thickness as the drywall.
I did this with multiple holes on the table saw, but the saw or hand saw and chisel can also work.
I made a cut for 4 bolts and 4 vents.
None of the spikes are in the correct position of vanity, but the irritating thing is that the vents are exactly in the * wrong * position.
This means that I have to use shorter screws for that bracket (
Not deep in the thickness of the drywall)
, But better than no bracket, which is something I have to do with the recommended method (
Because the drywall is still there).
Don't forget to mark the position of the studs nail (
Where to screw
There are other things. g.
Pipes, wires, etc (
Where not to go! ).
Push the wood into the hole and screw it in place.
Don't just rely on the screws to enter the nail through the narrow part of the wood-
You can also add tilt on both sides.
Paint wood and drywall.
Yes, it still looks a bit rough, but that's the root of your vanity!
Calm down and no one will see it.
It's very dark inside, and there are many things.
Or soon.
Screw the bracket that comes with your vanity to your strong support and put the vanity in place.
I said "pop in place" like it was simple, but the body was heavy and needed me to lift it alone and keep my forehead balanced against the wall.
It's not the easiest job ever, I did it three times because I need to mark it at the back to reduce the pressure on the water supply pipe, because the previous installers did not bother to put the pipes in the middle of the wall like a rational person. Grr.
Last thought: I think if I wrote this I might save a reader or two time and trouble and stop them from drilling big holes in the wall unnecessarily.
This method is shocking.
Solid results, fast and simple compared to recommended.
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