how to install a faucet in a granite counter - bathroom sink mounting bracket

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-11
how to install a faucet in a granite counter  -  bathroom sink mounting bracket
The faucets installed on the countertop have a variety of shapes and designs, but the installation process is basically the same.
If possible, pre-drill holes on granite countertops before installation to match the faucet and its spacing.
The faucet installed on the countertop is usually a single-hole design, which is fixed from below on the countertop using mounting brackets or locking nuts.
Two water supply holes pass through the same hole.
If the countertop is not already installed, please install it first.
First read the instructions that come with the faucet.
Some faucets have specific plumbing requirements that cannot be addressed through a set of generic instructions.
Connect the tap supply pipe to the connector inside the tap.
Tighten the connection, first insert the other end of the supply line through the tap bottom plate, and then insert it through the mounting hole on the table top.
If there is a rubber gasket under the bottom plate of the faucet to provide a water-tight seal and comfortably installed in the mounting hole of the granite countertop, no additional sealing material is required.
If there is no rubber gasket ring, press a circle of plumber putty around the top edge of the mounting hole.
Push the substrate into this putty ring to form a water tight seal.
Scrape away the putty squeezed out from the outside and let it solidify.
Twist the large nut for the mounting faucet into the position where the threaded connector is installed from under the sink.
Tighten with a basin wrench to ensure close contact with granite countertops.
If your faucet is equipped with mounting brackets and mounting screws instead of using nuts and threaded connectors, slide the mounting brackets from the sink into place and secure the mounting screws at the bottom of the counter with a screwdriver.
Before connecting the power cord to the connector, flush the power cord into a large bucket to clear any debris.
Connect the water supply pipe to the water supply pipe using the threaded connector connected at the other end.
If your supply line is not long enough to reach the connector, use a woven steel extension tube to ensure the strength and life of the supply line.
Tighten before you feel resistant, but don't over-tighten.
Turn on the tap to check for leaks and tighten or apply plumber tape around any threaded connector and reconnect.
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