How to determine which drywall is best for your bathroom - undermount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-13
How to determine which drywall is best for your bathroom  -  undermount sink
Q: I have already talked with several contractors about what dry walls should be used in which areas of my house, and their suggestions are inconsistent.
A contract talks about green boards.
There is also a reference to the MMR committee.
The third contractor has not heard of the two. Help!
Could you please explain what dry walls should be used in my bathroom, kitchen and other walls or places where there may be water on the ceiling? —Debbie T. Boulder, Colorado
A: Based on the email I received from the reader, I am sure that there is A downward trend in skills and knowledge in the field of residential contracting.
Some of them go back to the huge amount of inaccurate information I 've seen on the Internet.
Hundreds of hobby bloggers have posted this and that on their website, although they have never worked a day at a paying customer's home.
If you wander around YouTube, you'll be overwhelmed by a lot of videos showing the wrong way of doing things.
It's your job to try to clean up the wheat from the grain shell.
Fortunately, the answer is easy when it comes to drywall.
USG, one of the largest drywall manufacturers in the United States, has published the dry wall and plaster Bible for decades.
The title is the plaster construction manual.
If you open this incredible article, you will find a series of facts, methods and stepsby-
Step description, you will know exactly what each drywall product is designed for, how to install it, and where not to use it.
The green plate drywall mentioned by one contractor is like a normal drywall, except that the multi-layer finish paper on the front and back has been processed to resist moisture.
The gypsum core of the board also contains moisture-proof chemicals.
Note, I have not said that the green board is waterproof.
Not waterproof.
It is not recommended to use in areas that are often wet.
The manual gives examples of these areas, but in my experience I think your bathtub and shower area will be affected by the constant humidity.
I will not use the green board in the tub or shower area covered with tiles.
Green board is the new name of green board.
It is the initials acronym that represents mold, mold and moisture-resistant.
If you do not want the tiles to fall off the walls of the bathtub, shower, and kitchen tailgate area, use a waterproof substrate such as a cement board or other product that is guaranteed to be waterproof.
I have prepared several useful videos for you in my AsktheBuilder.
Com sites showing differences between different drywalls and getting a link to the "plaster building Manual.
Q: There was a disaster in my new kitchen.
I was washing the dishes and the sink fell into the cabinet below.
This is a ground floor sink that overlaps the edge of the sink with gorgeous granite tops.
How can this happen?
What do you think is wrong?
Can it be done easily? What a mess! —Krista C.
Salt Lake City: upset homeowners often contact me to solve the same problem.
Their sinks were installed by unskilled workers who thought caulk would place the kitchen sink under the top of the stone.
Oh, how much I wish we could get rid of the labor of these idiots!
Professionals install the kitchen sink under several different methods.
My favorite is a small machine.
There is a threaded nail with a flat head and a small hole on it.
These are permanently fixed on the lower side of the countertop, highstrength epoxy.
It is important to realize that the underside of the top has to be clean and there is no dust for the epoxy to work properly.
This may be the reason why your sink is falling.
Some installers choose to use non-epoxy method.
A special wire harness, wound around the side of the sink base cabinet, supporting the sink.
The special hardware that is part of the harness holds the sink tightly against the bottom of the top of the stone.
These systems are usually best installed before the countertop is set up on the cabinet.
Professional can come to your home to repair the sink.
This will take two days as epoxy is a good idea to cure for at least 24 hours before reinstalling the sink.
There is a great video on my website showing the epoxy Bolt and harness system.
Tim Carter can call you for free to fix your problem.
Go to his website and fill out the form.
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