how to design a phlebotomy room - wall mounted hand wash basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-23
how to design a phlebotomy room  -  wall mounted hand wash basin
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Any medical center needs to design a venous incision room.
People draw blood in the venous chamber, so it needs to be a place to inspire the trust and relaxation of patients, and a place to provide all the necessary tools for the blood drawing doctor.
Safety is also a key consideration when designing such a room.
The room needs a combination of comfort and functionality.
A little bit of planning will make your venous incision room efficient and comfortable.
Choose a room large enough to place the necessary number of intravenous cut chairs far enough to ensure easy access to the various sides of the chair.
Put a workbench next to each chair.
There should also be at least one sink in the room and the hand sanitizer should be placed in an obvious position.
Place a rolling stool in the room for each vein cut chair.
Make sure to place a sharp container on each chair, either wall-mounted or on the workbench.
Add a box of gloves of each size to the table, along with a rack and marker pen.
Store each workbench with a hemostatic device, pediatric and adult blood vessels, bayonets, needles of all sizes, syringes, alcohol pads, iodine, gauze, and sterile and paper strips.
Make sure there are blood culture bottles, filter paper, spray bottles with bleach and aqueous solution, blood pressure cuff, stethoscope, stopwatch and certificate chain in the locker.
There should be a fridge and snacks in the room.
There should be a fridge in the room with some ice bags that can be used if the patient feels faint or bruised.
There should be some orange juice and apple juice in the fridge.
There should also be biscuits at hand.
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