how to cut bathroom remodeling costs - wall mounted sink and vanity

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how to cut bathroom remodeling costs  -  wall mounted sink and vanity
The bathroom is where we indulge ourselves, which explains why 36% of Revisionaries in our survey want them to splurge on bathtubs and showers, floors or tiles.
Where to save to be smart-
So you can enjoy the fixtures and finishes you like for a long time.
The design of the kitchen decoration, when you relocate important fixtures, the maximum cost will come.
Moving toilets, sinks and shower equipment requires workers to remove the ground floor and walls to access the pipes.
"It could cost $1 feet to just move the toilet 1,000," said Robert Degni, a contractor in New York City . ".
If you only need a little shift
Because, for example, you want to squeeze in a double vanity-
Degni recommends the use of offset flanges, a $10 fixture that allows you to move the toilet a few inches in any direction without a lot of plumbing work.
Materials you will want to get familiar with the jargon on the packaging label before you start buying tiles.
Make sure the floor tiles you consider are the most durable at level 1 or 2. (
Class 3 is often thinner and only applies to walls. )
Another important specification is water absorption.
The lower the number, the less water will penetrate.
For flooring, you would like the tile to be rated below 7% and the shower floor to be rated 3% or less.
Next, pay attention to the friction coefficient of the sliding resistance;
You need a COF of 0.
Floor tiles 60 or higher.
"If you want wood flooring, in our tests, the prefabrication option can hold the Well well, but it can save half a bath," said Joan mulatelli, a CR floor testing engineer . "
"For the whole bathroom, the floor may be soaked in the water from the shower, and the tiles are still a better option. ” Wood-
The choice of looking porcelain also provides a better look and wear.
As for the ceiling and walls, don't waste money on the bathtubspecific paint.
Our tests show that any interior paint with a high score in mildew resistance, such as Behr Premium Plus enamel, works well.
$28 per gallon, $40 lower than premium bathSpecific paint.
Choose satin or semi gloss if you don't mind gloss
They can all withstand periodic bushes.
If you have a dirty actor-
It can give it a new life with a few hundred dollars.
It can take between $500 and $1,000 to replace it with a deep soaking tub, plus hundreds of installed bathtubs.
No room for separate bathtubs and showers?
Don't blow out the walls to keep both.
Continue to install that bracket-
Separate showers in the main suite, but if you put the house on the market, at least one bathtub is important for resale value.
"Now, double vanity is almost essential," says Ludeman . ".
"Put a job in the main suite or Jack-and-
Jill bathroom for the kids.
"Although the cost of installing a larger fixture is only slightly higher than that of a single vanity, these dual units tend to be $500 higher than a single vanity.
Consider a wide sink and two walls in a tighter areaInstall the faucet.
Don't be too addicted to toilet functions-
Look at our toilet rating.
CR's toilet test engineer, John Banta, said that if a toilet with a good flush allows you to free up the blockage without calling a plumber or even once, it will pay for it itself.
Unless you choose a space. saving wall-
Bathroom installed, double pass
None of the models performed well in our tests.
In addition, most new toilets only use more than 1 gallon per flush.
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