how to build a kayak rack for the garage - 12 inch wall mount sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-09-08
how to build a kayak rack for the garage  -  12 inch wall mount sink
The garage is one of the best places to store a kayak, especially if it is a temperature control area that is not affected by the weather and is relatively safe and will not be stolen by a thief.
However, the kayak is too big to fit on the garage floor.
You can assemble a cheap kayak rack for your garage, assemble it in an hour and provide a safe and convenient place to store your boat.
Description difficulty: add a space appropriately to the wall of the garage, enough for your boat.
Using the stud finder, you can find two wall studs, which are roughly equal to the distance between any obstacle where the ship will go, at least the third to half of the ship's length except for your kayak.
Measure the height of your boat from the keel to the highest point of the deck.
Increase the measurement by 12 inch.
Measure the total distance you just added from the ceiling and mark the wall at the location where the two bolts of your choice are located.
Screw the two shelf brackets to the wall and the top of the bracket is at the mark you made.
Make sure the screws enter the bolts behind the wall. Cut two 3-
Foot length from 2 by 3 boards (
Or if you decide to be thicker, from 2 to 4)
Screw them on the rack stand. Cut two 30-
The inch length of the plastic foam noodle and fold it over the top of the board.
Use the zipper to tie the bottom end, as shown in the figure.
You are ready to put the kayak in the right position and the hull on the plastic foam bumper.
This shelf makes it very convenient to store kayaks.
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