how to build a dry sink - narrow wash basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
how to build a dry sink  -  narrow wash basin
The dry sink is a cabinet with pallets for washbasin [Source: MerriamWebster].
The dry sink is really past tense.
When no pipes and tap water are available, the dry sink is used for basic sanitary functions.
This is a cabinet with drawers and a washbasin.
Today, dry sinks are mainly used as furniture and talk pieces.
You can usually find these cabinets in antique stores [source: Iyer].
Some people use a dry sink as a stand for plants.
We will now show you how to build a basic dry sink for this purpose.
Material: Instructions: You now have a basic dry sink that you can use and enjoy.
You can enhance your dry sink table by adding drawings.
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