how to attach a basketball backboard to a wall - wall hung toilet mounting bracket

by:KEDIBO     2019-08-20
how to attach a basketball backboard to a wall  -  wall hung toilet mounting bracket
The basketball hoop is usually attached to a metal rod or to a device that ensures that the rod does not flip.
However, basketball backplanes can be installed on the wall outside your house or on the wall above the garage.
The back panel is made of various materials.
Some are made of glass and some are made of fiberglass, aluminum or acrylic.
High-quality backplanes require more advanced equipment to connect them to the wall, while lower quality backplanes can be easily installed.
Make sure where you want the back panel to be.
No matter where you choose to connect it, the walls must be completely straight without any angle or slope.
In order to dribble effectively, the best surface of the ground is concrete or asphalt.
Buy hoops, nets and rebounds.
Instructions on how to install the device should be attached when purchasing.
Anyway, the process is very similar for any backboard.
Attach the mounting bracket to the wall.
You can do this with screws and electric drills.
You can use a screwdriver if you don't have an electric drill.
If the back plate you bought does not have a mounting plate, buy one from any sporting goods store.
Connect the basketball stand to the rebounds.
There will be pre-
Drill holes on the back panel in order to place the hoop.
Use screws and drill bits to connect the hoop.
Attach the back plate to the mounting bracket or wall.
If you are using the mounting bracket, connect the circuit board using bolts, nuts and washers.
You need a wrench to connect this.
Tighten each bolt firmly to ensure that the back plate does not move at all.
If you connect it directly to the wall, please use
Drill holes in the back panel and drill them into the wall.
The screw must be inserted into the hole and tightened using the drill bit.
A screwdriver can be used instead of a drill bit.
Connect the net to the basketball circle.
The strings will pass through the metal ring under the rim.
Do not skip any loops or you will have to start the process again.
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