how to add value to property with bathroom renovations - wall hung toilet vanity unit

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-12
how to add value to property with bathroom renovations  -  wall hung toilet vanity unit
The frameless shower screen, double basin and large mirror maximize the sales function of the bathroom.
Source: providing bathrooms and kitchens for buyers and potential tenants is a focus.
The bathroom should be one of your priorities when decorating your property.
Like the kitchen, make sure the neutral color is used for tiles and paint.
The best colors are white and lightwhites.
Since the bathroom is a wet area, you should use the mold
Especially the patience paint on the ceiling.
The vanity, shower, toilet and bathtub need to be consistent with the color of the paint and tiles.
If you are decorating an expensive property, you may want to use tiles from floor to ceiling.
However, weigh the cost of doing so, and if you can recover more money than you spend, do it.
If it is a small house or a cheaper house, it may not be worth spending so much money.
The same is true for expensive accessories, the use of marble/granite, and luxury items such as heated towel racks or toilet seats.
Be careful not to over capital.
If you are decorating a large house with three or more bedrooms and the space allows, you may consider including a bathtub.
However, do not install a combined bathtub and shower.
These are no longer popular.
No matter how cheap your property is, the shower curtain is no longer accepted.
The glass shower screen is the best choice, especially the frameless shower screen.
If you want to impress, make your shower a little bigger and install two shower heads for the couple.
If you are renovating a house, not a unit, and you have space, consider installing a doublebasin vanity.
This adds a luxurious element to the bathroom at a relatively small cost.
It is important to keep the modern bathroom standard, so install a Threein-
A lamp, fan and heating unit, and consideration for mixer taps, as these are becoming more and more popular in the bathroom.
Make sure you have enough storage in your bathroom.
This can be in the form of a dresser or cabinet under a wall
If it fits the design of the bathroom, install the cabinet.
Finally, maximize the potential of the bathroom space and use a large mirror as it will give a greater sense of the room. —
Real estate lecturer and writer Peter coolizoscom.
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