how did houdini do his deeds – legendary illusionist’s secrets revealed - sink attached to wall

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how did houdini do his deeds – legendary illusionist’s secrets revealed  -  sink attached to wall
Escaping the seemingly impossible stunts performed by Master Harry Houdini has puzzled and delighted generations.
Breaking the lock, escaping the flooded box and getting rid of the shackles is the most terrible waterboarding routine in China-his feat is simply shocking.
However, magic always has a simple explanation, and in the case of Houdini, his approach is actually more clever and impressive than the magic itself. The 52-year-
The old death at Halloween 1926 is probably the result of one of his most famous stunts going wrong.
The explanation of his method has caused outrage in the magic world, and many say they are still performing some tricks.
But hey guys, some of them are over 100 years old.
You don't think your paying audience should get some new material, risking being sawed in half by the devil, here are the ten greatest stunts of Houdini-and how he is
Harry Houdini can get rid of any pair of handcuffs.
He often adds a river or a lake to his escape skills to add a little spice.
People came to his stage with their elaborate set, and Houdini encouraged local police to try to keep him restrained.
It took him more than an hour to free himself twice, but neither managed to handcuff him.
Even professional.
Take the handcuffs away with a custom key and Harry can't live.
A lot of people think he has a trick.
Release the stage cuffs, but the fact is simpler-Houdini studied the pick lock from an early age.
Sometimes he can press the handcuffs at a certain angle and with enough power to let them open.
Other times, a thin rope is enough to pull a crew member out of the locking mechanism and open it.
Most of the time, however, there is a master key hidden in his palm or sleeve.
For professional handcuffs with only one key, Houdini will ask to check the handcuffs and keys and secretly hand the keys over to the assistant-the assistant will return to the stage to choose something similar --
Search for keys for a large collection of Houdini.
Before using the real key to miraculously escape, Houdini will simply hand back similar keys.
Use of tights-
So it's an eye to restrain people.
See a man wrapped in one, dangling from a rope tied to his feet.
Houdini is known for this stunt, he often performs jacket escape in front of the theater, where he will perform his party.
In order to increase the audience, he performed the stunt in public and succeeded.
When the jacket is put on, Houdini will: Cross the arms so that his superior right arm is on it;
Breathing the great air makes his chest bigger;
Pinch and grab the material of the jacket to make up for any deficiencies before buckle.
Gasping, relaxing and giving him a lot of room for maneuver, but this is the problem of pulling the right arm over his head with brute force.
Once he has both arms in front of him, he will unbuckle the straps and buttons with his teeth, or the cutting tool he has "pale" before the jacket is put on.
Upside down, while seemingly making stunts more dangerous, actually helped Houdini perform the magic because gravity was good for him.
If everything fails, Houdini can create more space in the jacket by dislocation of his shoulder-but that's not what he wants to do.
This is the most enduring and dazzling escape of Houdini.
After the audience checked whether his milk can was strong and any escape mechanism, watching it fill up with water, Houdini asked the audience to hold their breath as he climbed up, let the top of the milk be locked in place-many times the viewer carries the lock.
It took about a minute-much longer than most viewers hold their breath.
The curtains were pulled apart and within three minutes that seemed impossible, a soggy Houdini would appear, show the jar, and its lock was still there.
The top of the jar, although it looks like the rivets are in place, is easy to fall off-but only when pushed up from the inside.
When Houdini comes out and re-opens the lid, the eyelet lock at the top of the jar is not disturbed.
He then waited a lot of time before exposing himself.
Although the illusion is relatively simple, it does mean that Houdini has to hold his breath for a long time after the lock is in place.
Combining some of the advantages of Houdini-handcuffs, locks, holding your breath-this stunt includes putting the handcuffed Houdini in a wooden box.
The rope was nailed to death, the rope and the chain were fixed in place, and then the crate was pulled into the river and immediately sank into the river.
After what seemed to be eternal, Houdini liberated Bob from the box and handcuffs.
Houdini got rid of the handcuffs even before the box was nailed.
Not only does the box have holes in it, so it can fill up the water and sink quickly, it has a hidden panel on one side, and once the box is in the water, it can get Houdini away, and then, this is a question of how much suspense he wants to build before he comes to the surface.
There is no evidence that the Chinese have used this as a form of torture, but the title will certainly put the Tramp in his seat.
Houdini will be suspended from the water.
His feet were locked in wooden racks and filled in jars.
The stock was locked at the top of the tank and the curtains were opened, and the assistant looked more and more crazy as time went.
In the end, when all hope seems to be gone, a damp Houdini will be freed from all the shackles.
It's not so much magic as gymnastics.
The stock "suppressed" Houdini was manipulated so that he could stand freely once the curtains were pulled.
They also have hinges so he can come out of the tank and put the stock back so it looks like they are still locked in place.
In October 11, 1926, an accident occurred when Houdini was hoisted, and one of his ankles was broken.
The famous Houdini says he can withstand any blow from his belly and regularly invites the audience to give him the best shot.
No matter how they scold him, he doesn't seem to be moving at all.
There is no real trick.
Houdini can prepare his stomach muscles to withstand the blow, a combination of muscle control and fine movements that make him look unaffected.
This trick may be one of the reasons for his death.
October 24, 1926 (
13 days after an ankle fracture)
Houdini's appendix cracked and a fan hit him repeatedly before he was ready.
At that time, Houdini was lying in the dressing room because of a broken ankle-not standing because he had been preparing for himself.
A week later, the cracked Appendix resulted in vaginitis that caused his death.
The amazing illusion of Houdini and his wife, Beatrice, performing.
Houdini's hand was tied, he was Putin, a bag tied to the top and placed in a tied box.
Beatrice will draw a curtain around the box and shoot it three times, when the curtain will open and reveal the Houdini standing there.
The box was opened, unpacked, and the bag unpacked, revealing the hands of Beatrice.
Houdini is a master with ropes and locks.
He tied his hands and sacks with a simple slip knot.
When his wife locked and tied the box where he was "drawn", he got rid of the ropes and sacks.
When the curtains were pulled up, he slipped out of a panel behind the box and before his wife went in, he helped tie her hands and bags.
The audience thought it was Beyoncé clapping, but it was Houdini before the curtain was opened.
As he untied the straps and locks of the box, Beatrice made sure she looked like she was trapped inside.
Harry and Bessie often practice this trick, and their conversion time has dropped to an amazing three seconds.
It's not about breaking the lock and holding your breath.
At a potentially lethal stage
The needle version is mysteriously called the East Indian needle trick)
Houdini would have the audience check up to 50 stitches or razor blades and a thread, then put them all on the tongue and drink a lot with a glass of water.
After abracadabra-
Ry, he will pour the needle/blade over and string it together perfectly along the line-to surprise the crowd.
TrickHoudini put a bag between his cheek and his teeth.
This package contains needles/blades that are already attached to the line with knots on both sides, so they come out evenly and do not accidentally stay in his mouth.
The real trick is how to deal with the pine needle/blade he put into his mouth at the beginning of the trick.
When he pretended to drink, he either threw them in the water, leave enough water in the glass to hide the needle/blade-or use your tongue to subtly move the needle and blade between another cheek and tooth until the illusion ends. Needless (No pun intended)
That is to say, it takes a lot of practice to do it well.
Houdini built a solid wall on the stage and he usually performed his tricks.
The wall cut the stage in half, tall and wide-Houdini could not simply climb over or run around the front or back of the wall without the audience seeing it.
The wall is built on a large carpet that prevents the use of living-board doors, and Houdini convinces the real audience to hit the wall with a hammer to prove that it is solid.
When the audience sits down, Houdini puts himself on one side of the wall and the screen is pushed forward.
Almost immediately they will be pushed back to show Houdini on the other side of the wall.
Anyone who has seen a recent Houdini TV series starring Adrien Brodyon Channel 4 will know how the show is done.
The carpet actually hides a long trench on the stage instead of preventing the use of trap doors.
Once the trap door is opened, Houdini can pass under the wall through the drooping carpet to the other side.
The art was done very quickly, so the audience didn't have time to think about how to do it at all.
Houdini did this incredible feat only once, but it was enough once.
In January 7, 1918, Houdini performed at the Arena Theater in New York. he took an elephant to the stage and brought it into a big cabinet.
The cabinet was turned around so that the audience could see that there was not a big enough escape route to get the elephant through, and then Houdini suddenly fired a stage pistol and the elephant disappeared.
In fact, this is a bit of a mystery because the elephant cabinet, the arena theater, and Houdini themselves are no longer there.
But those who are involved in this stunt-and when the elephants are involved, there must be some-think that the stunt is about the viewer's perspective.
The arena is very large with elephant cabinets in the back.
Even the front row is not close. up view.
The cabinet should be square, but actually rectangular, and the material that perfectly matches the back curtain of the cabinet is connected to a powerful spring via a wire
The loaded roller pulls the material up almost immediately to hide the elephant behind it.
The stage lights illuminate the eyes of the audience, and when Houdini fired the pistol without warning, the audience's attention was enough to distract from pulling the material in place.
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