how china is defending its detention of muslims to the world - wall hung toilet and basin

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how china is defending its detention of muslims to the world  -  wall hung toilet and basin
At the Shule County Education Center, a huge three
In China's remote western Xinjiang region, the windows and doors of the dormitory have bars locked from the outside.
There are hundreds of ethnic Muslim Uighurs who cannot leave without official escort, although Chinese officials who led a group of foreign journalists around the "education transformation" camp this week insisted that, they went voluntarily.
Asked what would happen if a Uighur refused to attend, Shule's principal Mamat Ali became silent.
"If they don't want to come, they will have to go through the judicial process," Ali said after a pause, adding that many have stayed for at least seven months.
Shu Le is an unknown re-
Muslim education camp in Xinjiang
Most regions with the core of President Xi Jinping --and-
The road initiative linking Asia and Europe. The U. S.
The US State Department says as many as 2 million Uighurs are being held in refugee camps, and Chinese officials have questioned them, although they will not disclose official figures.
I took part in a government this week.
Through three cities in Xinjiang, tourism is sponsored with four other foreign media organizations.
The schedule is strictly controlled and activities are planned from early morning to 11. m.
, It includes the stations of many of the same places I visited on a no-guide Highway 10
A day trip to the area on November.
Who is the Uighur? Why did China lock them up?
: Quicktake's visit shows that Beijing is increasingly concerned about the recent intensifying international rebound, adding risks to investors who are already assessing the impact of a more adversarial US economyS. -
China relations. Muslim-
Most countries have joined the United States. S.
The European Union condemned China's approach, and the Turkish foreign ministry called the "concentration camp" a "huge embarrassment for mankind" in February ".
"Xi's policy to reassure local people poses the biggest challenge to China's international reputation as soldiers were sent to Tiananmen Square 30 years ago to crack down on protests.
After denying the existence of these camps for the first time, China is now doubling its demand for them and starting to defend them as an important weapon against terrorism.
"You can see that the Chinese government has basically changed its position over time," said Maya Wang, a senior Chinese researcher at Human Rights Watch.
"They moved from denial to total denial --
A positive counterattack.
During the visit, Chinese officials said foreign media had given the wrong impression of the government's efforts in Xinjiang.
Most of the stops are focused on economic development and new educational programs.
The message from the government is simple: Xi's policies help placate the region and boost economic growth.
The exercise reflected Xi's increased confidence on the world stage, where he directly challenged the West --
Use advanced technology to reward, punish and ultimately control the behavior of its citizens in a centralized government model.
He has a big stake in making it work: abandoning the risk of endangering the Communist Party's control over power.
I am unable to speak independently with any residents on the journey, and to travel around without being tracked.
However, the organization was allowed to ask questions to officials, including repeated follow-up, which sometimes angered our hosts.
China has vowed to continue its crackdown on Muslim detention. This visit to Urumqi, Kashgar and Hotan is in sharp contrast to my visit in November.
At that time, close follow-up, search happened repeatedly and officials asked me to delete the photos on my phone.
I could only catch a glimpse of the heavily guarded camp from a distance.
This time, government vehicles passed freely at various checkpoints, and metal detectors in public places were also removed.
The police who were crowded on the city streets were gone.
Nevertheless, my attempts to walk around without being accompanied failed again and again.
After seeing the first camp, we were taken for a lamb lunch and the woman in colorful clothes danced to a song called Happy Xinjiang.
"An officer chased me when I left the scene.
"I think you must have lost your way when looking for a toilet," he said . ".
"Please let me show you.
"In Urumqi, we visited a graphic counter.
The horror exhibition shows photos of beheading and dismemberment of bodies.
Later, in a major mosque in Kashgar, a picture of Xi hanging in front of him was removed, and Imam said his father was killed in an attack by Uighurs, which led him to "hate terrorists.
"Reporting in China is getting harder and harder, and foreign journalists say China's crackdown on the region began with a series of Uighur attacks on civilians starting in 2013, including a burning car attack on Tiannanmen Square.
The upgrade has shocked authorities in Xinjiang who have repeatedly tried to reassure them, most recently after the Urumqi riots that killed about 200 people in 2009.
Most of the dead were Han, accounting for more than 90% of China's population and the vast majority of the Communist Party leadership.
In Kashgar, I asked a tour guide if a cadre in Xinjiang believed in Islam, which violated the rules of the official atheist Communist Party.
"We haven't found one yet," said Wang Kuibin, leader of the local party in the city.
"If we do, they need to be severely punished.
He said he once asked a European official how their country controlled terrorism.
"They said, 'We take steps to control human rights as long as they are protected.
How can you control it, I think?
He added that since everyone has a watch, prayer is no longer needed.
He said the bearded young Uighurs are challenging the local government in a similar way
French government protesters wear yellow vests.
Another mosque in Hotan shows a copy of Xi's book, governance in China, at the same level as the Quran.
The hotel we stayed at had Xi's face and a featured brochure of his book.
"In our country, there is no way to put religion above the law," said Gu yingsu, minister of Hotan propaganda department.
China seeks to re-establish Xinjiang
The education camp was welcomed by the rest of the world.
According to Shawn Zhang, a Chinese student studying law in Canada, it removed watchtowers and barbed wire from the Shule facility earlier this year, and he analyzed the Xinjiang camp'sAt a second re-
Moyu County Vocational Training Center, located in Hotan-education camp, when we arrived, Uighurs in ethnic costumes greeted us.
There is a huge wall mural on the stairs that says "Chinese dream ".
"We observed a class in which all the people drew the same scenery.
Others have learned some practical techniques such as Chinese massage techniques and how to become a waiter or nanny.
There is even a lesson about botany.
We are only allowed to speak with the detainees in the presence of the guards.
No one seems to be physically hurt.
Bloomberg did not identify the Uighurs in the camp and did not use the photos on their faces because it was not clear if they would like to attend the event.
China brings diplomats and media to Xinjiang
Every time we ask what sin the education camp has committed, every time we receive a similar answer to the same key phrase.
They were infected with "extremist thoughts" and tried to "infect" others before they realized they were wrong in the way they were in the camp.
Many people said: "I want to say that I came here voluntarily.
More notably, when asked about the same detainees, they can repeat their answers word by word.
I asked our admin why the answer was so similar.
Guan Gu from Hotan kept silent.
One of her colleagues said the answer was not remembered.
Xu Guixiang, vice minister of the Xinjiang propaganda department, said it was natural for them to give the same answer because they were asked about the crime.
"Maybe it's because they are nervous about talking to foreigners," he said . ".
"It is difficult for them to express what they want to say in Chinese.
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