how a bra fitting reintroduced me to my boobs and made me a new friend (photos) - how to fit a wall hung basin

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-08
how a bra fitting reintroduced me to my boobs and made me a new friend (photos)  -  how to fit a wall hung basin
Chest and bra is a hot topic for Huffington Post.
Do we discuss the latest sideboob on the red carpet (
Michelle dorcory, we're looking at you.
Discussing how best to dress your chest, or discussing how often to wash a bra, can say with certainty that, like a teenage overnight stay, we're still talking about breasts.
After the debate about how to dress up a full body (
We were elated in a wrap-up dress)
We decided to hand over our question to an expert on how to best play a small chest and whether our current bra is in the right size.
Kim Caldwell, marketing director at Linda's Bra Salon, is very pleased to invite us to a famous store in New York City for some "braducation ".
"We arrived at Murray Hill in Linda early in the morning.
After enjoying the new swimwear collection for a while, Kim asked if we wanted to see the room at the back. Umm, duh.
Of course, we would like to see the internal workings of one of the most famous bra salons in New York City.
We were brought into the back room, actually a small warehouse with almost all the bras of all shapes, sizes and colors piled up on the ceiling.
Kim took us through a variety of sizes, which dwarfs the selection of regular department stores.
Linda has a bra size of 50 N, while most large retailers have a bra size of only 38 d.
When we removed our chin from the floor, Kim announced it was time to try it out.
Yes, as you can imagine, it means it's time to take our clothes off.
Ladies, everyone is in the name of the news.
Kim followed me into the fitting room and I told her I was 34B and have been there since I was a teenager.
This is correct: I assume my chest is the same size-
Through weight gain, weight loss, two pregnancies and breastfeeding-
They were like this when I was 15.
Kim looks suspicious.
She told me that as long as she stared at me, she could know that I was not a 34B. She was right.
Once I undressed, Kim wrapped my chest with a tape measure under my chest.
I asked her how to measure the size of my cup (
Worried about some serious problems in my near future)
But this is also what Kim knows visually.
She told me that I was actually 30 years old.
Obviously, I made a very common mistake, in fact, most women wear bras of incorrect size.
Kim said, "people invest in clothes and hair, but their underwear is at the end of the list of priorities and the situation will only get worse as they grow older.
You want that cute jacket when you are 20 years old.
And then you have kids, and they're your number one priority.
You will not take action to find the right bra until your chest is in the shoes.
"There are three important factors to consider when buying a bra.
Most importantly, the band is numero uno.
"All the support is in the band," Kim told us . ".
Many women wear too big bras because they don't like the discomfort of a bra sitting flush on their skin, but that's the result of illness
The fitting strap is a bra that moves around during the day with little support.
Once you have determined the correct size, it is important to wear a bra on the last clip.
Then you can move the clip in to compensate when it sticks out.
Then it's time to figure out the size of your cup.
Remember: not all cups are equal.
If you reduce the size of the band, you need to add a suitable cup size.
As far as the tape is concerned, Kim also has strong opinions.
She laughed when we pulled the straps to our ears to show how resilient they were.
"The straps are just used to keep everything flush, not to support them," she said.
"That is, you shouldn't put a few fingers under the strap.
Finally, know how to put on a bra.
Most women are guilty of "slapping bras", Kim said.
"What's worse is --and-
Flip, in the flip, the woman squeezes the Cup by placing the cup on the waist, destroys the elasticity by rotating the Cup, and then destroys the wire by flipping the Cup.
Kim said: "The right way is to tie the strap first, put the breast tissue in, and then hook it behind.
"In fact, she suggested tilting to place the breast tissue correctly.
Once my skin and breast tissue flush forward, I'm ready.
See my newand-improved bra (and my new-and-
Thus increased cleavage)
"There they are," said Jin!
"Finally, talk about how you can clean and store your bra.
The bra should be handmade.
Every five to six people take a bath with underwear soap.
Then you should hang up (
Stay away from the dryer, ladies! ).
As far as storage is concerned, Kim told us, "Stack one bra on the other.
Never Fold the bra;
You want to avoid crushing the Cup.
"Click to view our bra accessories at the Linda Bra Salon. Want more?
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