house to home: design the bedroom of your dreams - small wall hung bathroom sink

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-10
house to home: design the bedroom of your dreams  -  small wall hung bathroom sink
The bedroom is a sanctuary for all of us.
For kids, their room is a family space designed for their age and stage.
From toddlers to teens, this is where they sleep, play, read and learn.
It is a safe haven where imagination can be freely exerted and there is a world of dreams.
Speaking of decorating their space, I have always strongly supported the collection of opinions from children.
They have a wonderful experimental sense of color and design, and as we grow we often lose that feeling and become socialized with the choice of safety.
Children also love to make things for their rooms, and even the youngest craftsmen can create wall art and decorative storage containers.
When Tana Smith faced her first monotonous college dormitory, she initially got a bug with a dime of decoration.
She wants a unique space that is cool and fun, and starts to be active without spending money on a store --bought items.
Smith published a book with the following featuresit-
Project using the simplest materials and basic skills. From ping-pong-
Ball lights and pom-
Smith's bedroom is decorated with pom pillows, gold plated flowerpots and sequin curtains, offering ideas for every era.
I chose two items from her book to get you started.
The dreamer comes from the legend of Ojibwe, a hand-made object used to capture nightmares.
They are traditionally made from willow circles about 3 inch to 5 inch in diameter.
The iron ring is covered with loose nets or nets, decorated with sacred beads and feathers.
There is a hole in the middle of the network. only good dreams know how to cross.
When the first dawn hits the catcher, the captured nightmare disappears.
Although Smith's dream catcher is not made of all natural materials, it captures the spirit of the legend.
The net or net is the lace tied to the hydrangea.
A long ribbon hung from the iron ring.
The beads are strung on top, and two or three feathers are glued to the end of the ribbon.
Hang on your bed and the morning light will find it there.
A little motivation can go a long way.
If you need a few compliments or need support to start your day, why not make a sign that tells you what you need to hear.
Smith's inspirational banner is easy enough for anyone.
Felt is a good choice of materials.
You can cut it into whatever shape you like.
Buy sticker letters for words.
List your offer on the banner and make sure it fits and is centered.
Then, remove the sticky backing and press the letters in place.
Use a foam brush and acrylic paint to paint the letters in a contrasting color.
The paint can be a bit messy and uneven, adding to the creative look.
Let the paint dry completely and remove the sticker.
Hang on the wall closet door or on the bathroom sink and start the day with a smile.
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