house beautiful: garden with a sense of mystery - mount sink to wall

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house beautiful: garden with a sense of mystery  -  mount sink to wall
Climb the mountain along a narrow driveway covered with dense cedar hedges, nestled in a charming and unusual home.
David Flaherty's house is like a beautiful pendant hanging on a chain, a gem of Japan
Delicate oasis of green and gray style.
This tolimi mountain home is one of the places you want to go in and start exploring, but, it seems, can't tear yourself apart from a series of secret gardens that flow around like streams.
Flaherty, who has been living here for 21 years, has gradually bent his hidden lanes to promote the "mystery", which is not surprising, and it has expanded into an ultra-private Lane --
Third acre property
Flaherty, the first information and privacy commissioner in the province, whose life is determined by secrecy and discretion, remains a private advisor and litigation expert witness at the age of 74.
He wrote or edited 14 books for a long time
Current members of the Advisory Committee and Committee of the federal and provincial privacy commissioners.
After receiving his PhD from Columbia University, he taught at Princeton and other universities and held scholarships and scholarships at Harvard and Oxford, to give just two examples.
"When the house went public, it was difficult for former owners to sell it," Flaherty recalls with a wry smile . ".
"One of the problems is lack of vision --or street-appeal.
Ironically, in terms of how much I value its privacy, I can have sensitive meetings, retreats or intimate gatherings here.
New Brunswick-
When Flaherty moved here in 1993, he was a single father of three children.
After being shown three.
In Oak Bay's bedroom home, the jewel caught his eye.
He bought it in 24 hours.
"It's so different . . . . . . Although I don't know if I can see the potential without the help of my friend and designer JC Scott, "he quickly responded to the role of the family.
"JC envisioned what was possible and helped me overcome the innate conservatism.
When he works with you, he actually does a psychological assessment.
I'm smart enough to give him a chance to be relatively free.
Except to say "no" occasionally ".
He renovated every part of the house.
Scott said: "The home is full of personality, and Flaherty is an engaging and exciting client, pointing out that walking around the house is like walking through a gallery, there is a world class collection of paintings and Canada's premier ceramics.
"The space is a very private home office, a resort, it flows in the evening, and it is beautiful to entertain," Scott said . ".
He particularly appreciated its central atrium, which reminded him of the early Roman and Asian traditions.
He suggested going to the east.
The modern theme and "David carries it inside and out.
"It's always a pleasure to work with only one host, just like he was at the home of collector Michael Williams.
"You can tailor a house for a person, a taste, for someone who makes a house for yourself, not for resale or for the family.
"The 1978 House reflects many of the West Coast's design elements, including the natural landscape inside and outside, with two wings in layout and corridors around the central courtyard.
Feeling open but private, Scott enhances the feeling by broadening the windowsill.
It provides more exhibition space for ceramics, focusing sight on the garden and providing a deeper sense of privacy.
He pointed out: "David likes to collect the best, some of the greatest potters in Canada are here, and the price is very affordable, so he can buy high-quality artworks from living artists.
Other improvements from Scott include patching all wood products, designing new window dressings and valves
Influenced by the East
Put the oatmeal down
Colorful natural wool and linen carpet and Indian brown slate.
Scott said with a smile: "It gives the house a male, tailor-made feel, while strengthening the aura of Japan:" You can imagine a samurai standing there. ".
Handmade kitchen cabinets-a 70-hour project —
New insulation and electrical services were installed and three bathrooms were redesigned.
A beautiful mahogany
There is a spa tub in the room, as Flaherty prefers the large shower in the suite.
"We used the tub as big as we could, and there was no room that was overcrowded," Scott said . " He took out the wall of the bathroom.
"I always encourage people to put a slightly more luxurious bathtub than originally considered . . . . . . Its use and enjoyment has been greatly increased.
"The resulting corner looks like a scene in the Agatha Christie movie, a room in her 1930 s, probably belonging to her famous Belgian detective, like Flaherty, because hefroid.
The top is surrounded by black Vancouver Island Carmanah marble made of matrix marble.
The indoor reflective pool is based on Ubatuba granite.
It is hard, dense, highly polished, similar to the porphyry rock used to make the Egyptian coffin.
With the redesign of the interior of the home, Flaherty began to redesign the landscape. In the mid-
In his 1990 s, he was impressed by Michael and Sean Greenfield's work in the Japanese Garden at the Pacific gardening center and asked them to work in his garden.
"I always thought they were done, but it seems like something new is coming every year.
Ten years ago, he also learned that Francois frautte and his wife, Catherine, were from Geneva, where a landscaping company, the rapid Teng landscape solution, was opened.
"He is the chief gardener of the Rothschild family in Geneva, and she is his employee.
Part of the reason why I can hire them is that we speak French;
They have maintained a good style of my garden since then.
This gives him the freedom to pursue other interests, such as opera and art collections.
Flaherty, who grew up with seven siblings, was the brother of the late federal Finance Minister Jim Flaherty.
The passion for art and museums began very early, when he came to Columbia University as a graduate student at the age of 22.
He began to go to the opera. “buying 50-
Station ticket "-
Visit the gallery.
He now focuses on ancient paintings, abstract expressionist works, and pottery such as museums.
Quality Mata Ortiz works in Mexico.
He also enjoyed the exquisite ceramics of Vancouver Island and helped inspire a show at the Grand Victoria art museum, which was recalled to the land.
Since moving here, he has been a "significant" supporter of the Symphony Orchestra, AGGV, Capriccio, Victoria Conservatory of Music and Pacific Opera Victoria, and has been on the board of directors of the orchestra since 2010.
"Poff is brilliant, Patrick Corgan [
Executive Director
Is the person who inspired me to become more charitable.
"You will get a lot of money in POV;
You have a lot more money than Toronto, "Flaherty is now supporting the new Pacific Opera Center at the church.
Holy John.
"I'm trying to make sure interesting people continue to want to move here.
We already have elegant art, fine dining, culture, galleries, hockey fields
But they need support.
He pointed out that every opera company in North America is in trouble.
"The New York City Opera House is closed, the Hamilton Opera House is closed, and many other opera houses are crumbling "--but not POV.
"We are living and our new center will be a wonderful rehearsal and performance space and will allow more outreach, workshops and master classes," said Flaherty . ".
"There's nothing that interests me more than giving POV money to make sure all the money is used in an honest, ethical and efficient way.
"The next opera is Figaro's wedding, which will open on Thursday, so he will probably put on his dress again.
Beautiful house @ time colonists.
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