house beautiful: artist loves urban groove - wall hung corner toilet

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house beautiful: artist loves urban groove  -  wall hung corner toilet
Jim Kirk slipped silently into his home on the second floor in a small private elevator, explaining that the elevator was not a luxury.
"It would be stupid to put $500,000 in the house here and not get it," said the problematic actual businessman.
When the door leads to his airy aerie, it is clear that it is not just any apartment that can be copied on the street.
Kirk's unique 1,800-square-
Created a walking home on a 1920 roof
Times building in the Heart of Oak Bay village with Rogers chocolate, Grafton bookstore and Vis-à-
Wine bar Vis.
He owns the building, which also includes the Penny Farthing bar, and his New York-
The stylish loft is on a busy avenue and you will never know.
Designed by Moore Patterson Architects, the House echoes in the sweet silence due to extreme sound insulation --
Screened by luxurious plants, including dozens of bonsai trees that Kirk has shrunk in the past 50 years.
His southern and western terraces have dozens of planters, three fountains, a large entertainment area and a charming 1905sofa swing.
The attic is also full of natural light.
It reflects the high
When the ceiling flows through a row of cheap jewelry, shiny paint surfaces and spots
Former school music teacher, terminal operator, real estate agent and art student, who once ran a dental supply company, built his roof house more than ten years ago, it was recently turned into a gem he had always imagined.
"When I first built this, there was lino on the floor and trees on the counter.
Cheap, Cheap surface because that's what I can afford.
Now I 've torn everything off with granite countertops and ceramic floor tiles.
He hired interior designer Diane Katina.
I think she's the best designer in Victoria. to help re-
Created internally, their first decision is to use high-
Complex neutral gloss paint: dark charcoal with green base color.
The previous color was the camel, but this time he wanted more drama.
"The dark color makes the walls go back and the space looks bigger," says ketsman . " He specializes in the kitchen and bathroom, "and knows her appliances very well. "She said a U-
This group of foodies is not suitable for the kitchen in this shape and they entertain up to 120 guests at a time.
"People are caught in the United States.
"There's no way out to shape the kitchen," she joked . ".
Instead, she designed a slim storage room and kitchen with two working Islands, a tall storage room on one side and a main electrical appliance on the other.
One end is a custom fridge with beer and cider and the other is a delicious cafe.
There are also two dishwashers, one for easy loading.
She said it was fun and inspiring to work with Kirk: "He's smart.
He's going to come up with an idea and I'll think: Oh, Chris key, it's terrible, and then I'll realize it's a good idea.
"Jim's space is very complicated because he is very precise and strict in everything he does, from his sound system to the color he chooses.
"He's also obsessed with safety, and it's obvious when they discuss getting into the sleeping attic.
They sat on a solid boat ladder with wheels, "so it could snuggle up against the wall again.
"Ladder when not in use (
Made of Crest sheet metal, as is the table designed by Kirk)
Added a quirky quality to his space, as well as many other works he created himself, such as a wall sculpture called Little Red Riding Hood at the table --
Made of car body door cover.
Kirk collects flower arrangement containers and gokstone wooden dolls from Japan, but in most cases he will also make his own artwork with plumbing components, gas manifold or old faucets.
When it comes to the faucet, there is no shower in his bathroom, which is another surprise.
It has a large bathtub on the platform at the farthest end, and a huge waterfall was originally used as an outdoor fountain.
In the middle is a large open shower area with an area of 6 feet square meters and near the end is the sink, urinals and wallshung toilet. Kirk is a high-
Def is a person who has a clear determination to make life efficient.
Therefore, his home is filled with a variety of creative, highly functional functions, such as a drying cabinet with a strong fan in the storage room;
Store in large quantities at the end of the wasted Gable;
A rolling kitchen garbage container that slides under the edge of the counter;
Spacious art studio
He studied the seminar on special projects in depth.
A shallow office built in a long closet disappears behind the French door, while his bedside table is a bright red metal wheel drawer, originally designed for the mechanic's garage
Kirk, 71, said: "I like to be easy and practical . " His freedom.
Spiritual spirit can be seen in every place in his home, from och Stoneand pink-
Floating on a paved bed at the angle of a rakish, on a standing bird cage-
"In my opinion, they are like sculptures"
The classic Barcelona chair he bought in 1972.
There were two large brown leather sofas in his lounge, "a huge orange land," which he offset with plenty of greenery and two purple Noel armchairs.
"I need purple in order to be balanced," said the person who started decorating his body 20 years ago.
"You can do what you want after 50, so I bought a tattoo suit.
"The colorful businessman once lived in the attic of the neighboring building, and he bought the attic from Rogers's chocolate in 1988, but when Penny Farthing bar owner Matt McNeil wanted to install Kirk in 2000, he needed a new dig and decided to build New York-
Style loft next door.
"We basically
Kirk said: "Walking along the avenue for half a block set the tone for the reconstruction of the whole village . " He added that buildings in commercial properties face challenges, such as the firewall on the east side, which means there are no windows.
He installed two skylights on both sides of the future fireplace and faced the wall with corrugated tin to reflect light.
Includes a horizontal metal grille tracking belt that is more commonly used to help Bulldozers push onto a flat plate, not one at the bottom but two fireplaces.
"I wanted a long one, but the inspector told me that I would obviously die if I did, so I put the two small ones side by side.
"The noise at the bar is worrying, but for double reasons his home" now has almost perfect acoustics"
Double glazed windows on three floors.
A vibrating rod with dense sound insulation foam, double density drywall and "res bar.
"The ceiling is actually pumping and moving and it kills the noise," he said . " He added that this work was done by McNeil for him.
Kirk's house is part of a tour of the great Victoria Art Gallery on Sunday and he is delighted to be involved as he is an avid art lover.
He admired Picasso, the Impressionist painter, and the seven painters, and painted the beautiful scenery through each of his painting windows.
These include the view of his rampant garden, full of plants, sheds and treasures, such as the Japanese Tsukiji basin used to wash their hands before the tea ceremony.
"The Japanese have mastered the art of simplification," he said . " This wisdom runs through his decorative philosophy, he added.
"You should have only one 'see me' in each room '.
You have no eyes-
Sitting on the chandelier, sitting on the sofa, with luxurious carpets.
You have to be a relatively ruthless editor.
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