house beautiful: a cosy christmas condo - how to fit a wall hung basin

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house beautiful: a cosy christmas condo  -  how to fit a wall hung basin
This Oak Bay house may be smaller than most, but its vibrant young owners love Christmas, Christmas season and old-fashioned traditions, which is simply huge.
Their pleasure in the spirit of the holiday is evident in every corner of their modest living space.
Into the ground-
Floor apartments with an area of less than 700 square feet are like walking into a snowball.
Decorations are everywhere in the living room and dining room, including 20 trees from the table top to the full height, and Minis, not to mention candles, wreaths on cloaks and windowsill, Angels, birds, snowmen, garlands, various striped decorations, stockings, dolls, snowflakes of all sizes, advent calendars, and more.
Grace and Peter were born and raised here and they asked to use a pseudonym to make the most of every moment.
They have similar decorations (
Not very extensive though)
Every season
There are also 20 boxes stored in lockers.
Grace has also prepared teacup and teacup for every occasion of the year, these teacup and teacup from the thorns hedge series of spring, summer, autumn and winter pottery.
"I think every season is special, but it's really a big show," Grace explained with a smile . " On the anniversary, she added, she took out the poppy collection, including everything from pillowcases to quilts, and her dad's medals.
She sometimes jokingly wondered if her Christmas gala was magical or a bit overwhelming, but the feedback from friends was encouraging.
"A friend came over the other day and began to cry," but the truth is that she likes to do it and decorate it on her own to please herself.
"There is a turning point for any artist, and I think I have reached it," she admitted . " She added that she likes to get up at 5: 30 in the morning. m.
Before going to work, just sit under the magic of the lights.
Although it looks luxurious, the two are also very frugal, and Grace has not only made almost all the decorations, but almost all the furniture has been redesigned.
Their big glass
Found a sideboard in a garage belonging to an old friend.
"It has seven layers of paint on it, filled with old cans of paint and garden spray," Grace said . " But she likes how it looks.
She peeled it down and brushed it back into white, designed a base for it, and then filled all the shelves with beautiful blue and white china.
Grace said: "I once saw an article about the heiress of benatong, who has a white cabinet like this filled with blue china . . . . . . I fell in love with it
The cost transformation makes the unit a pleasant countrycottage hutch.
During the festival, the front rail lights are hung with red balls and the red and white cones are filled with silver.
Grace took out a wall in the kitchen to expand the space, made all the new cabinets herself, and created a kitchen stand from the crib her father made for her. “It was easy.
I just took the bottom down and put the bar together.
Her mother gave her a blue and white plate as an engagement gift, and her husband asked, "Is this our China ? "?
She thought about it and asked him if he liked it and when he promised she decided that it should be done.
"I don't want a fancy, pretentious one, so our best china is every day," she has been collecting dishes for years.
In the first few years of their marriage, he broke a few pieces, but she kept the pieces and made them into mosaics on the top of the table on the side of the living room, the bedside table of the previous hospital
Almost all furniture is white as it looks light in a small room and the decor can also be the center of the stage.
Grace has been a liar for as long as she can remember, and she has made thousands of decorations and decorations, from many nut cookies, owls and ribbons
She cut out countless Victorian paper scenes and places beneath the glass scattered with angels.
She has donated hundreds of dollars.
The owner also liked the 12-day and other festive traditions of Christmas and accepted many other traditions from friends and relatives --
For example, nap or sleep under a decorated tree.
She also has an odd side.
For example, she has always been more interested in Santa Claus mice than little reindeer, and has used cheese as a treat on Christmas Eve.
The traditional scene of the birth of Jesus is not attractive at all. Instead, she features a group of mini hippos next to the manger.
"I have a lot of gray.
Baby Jesus is no longer a feature.
"One of her favorite decorations is a little kid's sled, which she puts on the top of a pie safe filled with a glowing Winter Village scene.
The warehouse was inherited from her husband's grandmother, with 100 cans in it.
"In the first year, I filled each jar with jam, meat stuffing, and orange pickled fennel.
She has been collecting and making decorations for more than 20 years and also loves to make Christmas pudding with lemon sauce.
When she was a teenager, she worked for a needlework design company and two of her designs were published.
Today, one of her jobs is for the local food box project, which provides fresh produce for local families.
She has also been involved in environmental education for many years, and she is very concerned about protecting local salmon and her work as a volunteer at Victoria Hospice.
Her husband, Peter, a musician, project team manager and writer, also enjoys celebrating the season.
They have a special advent calendar with 25 small drawers filled with information about each other every day.
He also helped redesign a 1900 kitchen with a lead window to create a workspace for their computer.
Grace, keen to use tools and machines, recently completed a professional women's course at Camosun College, where she learned carpentry, welding, plumbing and electrical skills.
"During the course, I also drove a forklift and two excavators.
As a person who has been working on sewers and needles for a long time, she finds it interesting to learn "Once you have a skill, you can pass on that knowledge to another skill.
"But how does she find time to keep two jobs, several volunteer positions, go to college and create all these beautiful decorations?
"I haven't had TV for 22 years, and I don't waste my time.
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