horizontal vs. vertical bidets - wash basins uk

by:KEDIBO     2019-07-07
horizontal vs. vertical bidets  -  wash basins uk
The bidet is a common fixture, similar to the toilet shape in the bathrooms of many European and Asian countries.
Although not so popular in the United States, the bidet can still be found in some families, especially in luxury families.
Fixtures used to encourage personal hygiene.
Specifically, the bidet is a washbasin used to wash the genitals after using the toliet.
The height of the sitting tub is usually around 15 inch, so one can walk on the fixture.
While the bidet has a variety of different styles, they usually include horizontal or vertical water jets.
According to the bathroom design guidelines, "cleaning is more effective and soothing than toilet paper, especially for patients with hemorrhoids, health practitioners and doctors suggest that toilet paper may be a stimulus.
"The only difference between a horizontal bidet and a vertical bidet is the direction of the spray.
The horizontal bidet has a spout on the edge of the bidet, similar to the look of the sink faucet.
This will spray the water horizontally and allow the flushing of the genitals.
This type of bidet can also be inserted and filled with water.
The vertical bidet is different from the horizontal bidet, as there is a fountain jet device in the center of the bowl to spray water up to clean the genitals.
In addition to the standard vertical bidet, vertical spray can be found on the new electronic bidet models that fit on top of the toilet.
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